Antoine Mercadal

Twitter: @primalmotion

Salut! I’m Antoine, the UI guy at Nuage Networks. I’m also the lead developer of the Archipel Project, an open source XMPP-based VM orchestrator working on the top of Libvirt, and a Core developer of the Cappuccino Web Framework (coincidence? I don’t think so). I like things that work right out of the box because I hate reading user manuals. When I’m not working on making VSP better, I like playing old forgotten video games, traveling around the world, and drinking some good rum. Follow me on twitter @primalmotion or on Github

Blog: Why You Should Care About User Interfaces (UI)! by Antoine Mercadal

The importance of APIs

Since the rise of the cloud era, user expectations have changed quite dramatically. Customers want easy & direct access to their own virtual slices of the data center. For its part in making that happen, SDN provides APIs that make the networking part as responsive as users and their application workloads need it to be. Admins can define global policies, while customers can do whatever they want with their own part of the cloud.

And they do that through APIs.