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Charles is responsible for Nuage Networks’ business development activities worldwide. With over 18 years of international experience, he more recently focused on Software Defined Networking and has been one of the early promoters of this technology. He participates in many world-class SDN events, actively engaging customers and developing concrete uses cases helping them solve modern datacenter networking issues. Prior to joining Nuage, Charles was the SDN Executive at IBM, responsible for global sales and business development. He also led the IBM System Networking business unit in Europe for several years. Charles’s involvement in datacenter networking began with the creation of BLADE Network Technologies (BNT, later acquired by IBM) where he was Vice President and General Manager for EMEA. Charles’s ability to articulate the value proposition into simple and concrete scenarios makes his presentations style very lively and easy to follow. He studied in Mathematics and Computer Sciences at the University of Quebec and holds an MBA from the University of Wales.

Get hassle-free multi-vendor IT support: Nuage Networks joins TSANet alliance

Your company is embracing the cloud to drive new business capabilities and efficiencies to your IT organization. In these new cloud platforms, there are many interconnected systems and IT functions that support one another. You are now looking to your cloud vendors to ensure that your new business-dependent cloud platform is not compromised.

Underpinning these cloud platforms is a software-defined network (SDN) that connects all of these systems. At Nuage Networks, we have deployed our SDN p [...]

Giving telcos the dynamic infrastructure they need to underpin hybrid clouds

Guest blog by Radhesh Balakrishnan, General Manager, Virtualization, Red Hat and Charles Ferland, Vice President, Business Development, Nuage Networks

Cloud has won the hearts and minds of enterprise IT shops across industries, and they’re looking for next-generation telecommunications services to support these cloud computing environments. As such, telecommunications providers need to embrace the distributed nature of cloud-based service offerings, to launch network services targeted for c [...]

Adding mobility to your cloud

I have just returned from presenting at the China SDN/NFV conference for the second time. In 2013, I remember explaining Software Defined Networking (SDN) and what it meant for the future of our industry. Two years later, my subject is very advanced which in many ways reflects the speed at which our customers have accepted & deployed this technology.

This year’s talk focused on workloads mobility and how they can dynamically consume network resources regardless of their location (or bor [...]

New Blog! Security and SDN : Friends or Enemies? by Charles Ferland

The subject is not new; actually I spoke about this very subject at the first SDN & OpenFlow world congress back in 2012:  "How OpenFlow-based SDN Can Increase Network Security." This topic is very much relevant today because most of our customers, no matter where or in which industry, ask the same question: Is SDN secure?  This very topic was discussed even during a recent GigaOM webinar on SDN.

We all know that no networks are 100% secure.  There is always a risk.  But, from my [...]

A Week at Nuage Networks and it Feels Like Heaven….

The past few weeks have been full of deliberating big life changes as I’d been interviewing with Nuage Networks, excited to join their mission to move network virtualization forward with SDN solutions.

This month, I took the plunge and joined the team as the new Vice President of Business Development.  I spent a good amount of time mulling my decision, wondering if the Nuage products really are as good as implied and if this would be the right career move. As I learned more about the Nuage [...]