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A Case for CloudStack – Enterprise-hardened Stack is Now Public Cloud Ready

Here at Nuage Networks, our philosophy is to enable Enterprises and Service Providers to build clouds without being limited by the network. So, we are proud to support Apache CloudStackTM and are, as far as I’ve seen, the only major Software Defined Networking (SDN) vendor with full support to date.

To summarize the official CloudStack history page, the original code base was contributed by Citrix. As a result, multiple customers and partners have attested that the code is well-suited to En [...]

A Quiet Disruption Happened in Networking

I focus on marketing disruptive technologies. So, I am a student of disruption. Many look for a defining event, such as the cry of Father Miguel Hidalgo (the famous "Grito de Dolores”) that began the Mexican Revolution[i], to be a hallmark of disruption. Others look for a tidal change, such as when Internet use at home hit over 50% in the year 2000 (per US Census Bureau report)[ii]. Those are all good benchmarks.

But, another key benchmark is one that changes how people think or that signal [...]

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Docker Containers Need Security!

I spent some time in the security field, focusing on what the industry calls “intrusion prevention.” But, honestly, prevention is somewhat of an optimism since intrusion is almost a given. As a real-world perspective, at a major IT vendor I worked at what was the largest datacenter complex in the world at that time. There, I discovered a crucial fact – manual errors can enable circumvention of even the most sophisticated systems. In fact, IBM’s annual security reports detail th [...]

SDN Will Soon Experience Hyper-growth


A very informative book, Inside the Tornado by Geoffrey Moore, describes how companies can survive and ideally leverage hyper-growth markets. While Software Defined Networking (SDN) is not yet in hyper-growth mode, there are powerful forces accelerating its overall velocity in the market. While each force exerts its own influence, it also increases the impact of other forces as shown in the figure.


Market Accelerators

Three forces acting to accelerate the SDN market [...]

Don’t Let Your SDN Roll Over

I grew up “4-wheeling” in the deserts of southern New Mexico. A dedicated 4-wheeler will tell you that every vehicle has a threshold for a sideways rollover. And, it’s usually different from what the books say. Many drivers have scars from finding their vehicle’s threshold!

When you implement Software Defined Networking / Overlay Virtual Networks into an Enterprise or Service Provider environment without designing for scalability, it’s like hitting the dunes without knowing your veh [...]

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Random thoughts from the CloudStack Collaboration Conference Europe 2014

Disclaimer from Shashi: These are just my own random thoughts with a few sprinklings of refined marketing to promote my company (#nuagenetworks) and team. Follow me on Twitter at @shi_sha_

Lack of sleep due to jetlag can have many side effects. One of them is the random thoughts that pop up into your head when you are staring at the ceiling in a dark, luxurious hotel room. The accumulation of random thoughts is a boon to mankind – well, kind of. You could discover a totally ground breaking [...]

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Nuage Networks Gets Ready to Blast CloudStack Trumpet

While much of the cloud industry's focus and marketing dollars (ours included) have been going towards that "other" open source cloud system, Apache CloudStack has been quietly advancing their project and gaining mindshare. And while it's pointless to argue that one cloud platform is better than another (let's call a truce in the "cloud wars", people), it's hard to ignore the significant number of production clouds that are running Apache CloudStack today.

Since Nuage Networks is committed to [...]

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OpenStack, Juno, Neutron & The Enterprise Hybrid Cloud

As always, the OpenStack Summit presents one challenge. How to choose from so many excellent presentations and topics, whilst many are on at the same time! Nevertheless, we prevail and hopefully attend the session that really offers some excellent food for thought, generating healthy discussion over a glass of Pinot Blanc at the <insert vendor name here> function! : ) 

I offer to be of some assistance in selecting from the multitude of sessions to choose from. 

Why is OpenStack imp [...]

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Red Hat, Nuage Networks, OpenStack, and KISS

Guest Blog by by Scott Drennan and Nir Yechiel

The reality is that IT is serious money – IDC estimates that the Internet of Things (IoT) market alone will hit $7.1 trillion by 2020![1]  But a lot of that money is due to the IT industry practice of “lock-in” – trapping a customer into a proprietary technology and then charging high costs, in some instances up to 10X cost, for every component   For some reason, customers object to having to pick one vendor’s approach, being subject [...]

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Adventures in Openstack Neutron: Performance and Scale

Over the last months there has been a lot of discussion in the community regarding the viability and scalability of Neutron. We set out to prove whether scale is actually a concern, especially when Neutron is supported by an SDN system such as the Nuage VSP. Some previous attempts to prove scale with Neutron [1] were either abandoned or reduced in scope.

Neutron is composed of two components: the Neutron server that implements the north bound API, and the reference implementation based on M [...]

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