Hussein Khazaal

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“Application Agility” is no longer an oxymoron

Rapid change in today's business environment is inevitable. Consequently, IT organizations must have the ability to respond quickly to changing business requirements and demanding applications. Unfortunately, many of today’s infrastructures do not make that an easy or cost effective task.

In an ideal world, infrastructure should support a high degree of automation where applications can dynamically scale and migrate throughout data centers on demand and without having to create "tickets".

The “Next Big Thing” in Data Center Networking is Already Here by Hussein Khazaal

The world is rapidly changing and its forcing all of us, individuals as well as businesses to adapt quickly. In fact, businesses need to not only adapt to change but also anticipate and be ready for it or risk losing to the competition.

One area that is seeing a lot of change, is IT services and applications. The majority of  organizations today view IT and IT infrastructure as fundamental to the success of their business. The increasing demand from end-users for better and faster applicatio [...]

It’s Time to Meet Hussein Khazaal!

I am Hussein Khazaal, a member of the Nuage Networks Business Development team responsible for building an ecosystem of partners that share our goal of providing IT organizations with innovative, easy-to-use, open networking solutions that meet their current and future needs without compromising the security, performance or scalability of their services and applications.
I have spent over a decade in various customer service roles in the telecommunications industry working with companies such a [...]