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Nuage Networks at Connect Melbourne

Getting Connected in Melbourne

Last week I attended Australia’s largest technology expo in Melbourne Australia. The show was called Connect Expo and it brought eleven diverse technology areas under the same roof. Attendees could listen to world experts on such topics as cloud, big data, future health, connected education, digital marketing and UAV/drones…well I did say diverse… and I can vouch that if you put a drone the size of a car in a booth you generate a lot of foot traffic.

Nuage Networks supported the event w [...]

SDN in the Real World

Recently we commissioned Ben Kepes of GigaOM to write a paper on the status of SDN and its applicability to the real world of Enterprise networking.

The paper provides a good baseline on the current status of SDN, its market adoption and guidance on which areas that you should peek under the covers of to reveal the real benefits from the more elaborate ‘story’ that might be being promoted.

The paper is balanced, SDN is not all champagne and roses….. There are some hurdles that nee [...]

Hey, Nice Work, Nuage Networks!

We all love getting recognized for doing good, that happy feeling you get when someone says ‘nice work’; nothing beats it.

Striving for recognition is ingrained into us all. For most of us it harks back to our earliest days in school. Getting summoned to the front of the assembly for that gold star because you spelt buldoser correctly.

As we grow so does the desire to get the reinforcement that what you have created is recognized as leading the market. It's a proof point that your hard [...]

Is Network Virtualization the Leading Light of 2013?

As the marriage of "IT" and "IP" continues to take shape on the way to realizing the true promise of cloud services, the impact is being felt by all. One key talisman for the networking industry is LightReading and their annual Leading Lights awards, a benchmark on the hottest new products of the year. As Ethernet & SDN expo gets underway in the Big Apple, we are proud that our Virtualized Services Platform has been honored as a finalist in this year's Best New Telecom Product category al [...]