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Software-defined love: The Nuage Networks 7850 Virtualized Services Gateway (VSG)

Oh mighty appliance that shines at the Top of Rack
Thou acronym be spoken in awe
Protect us from intruders with your dynamic policies
Your form factor may be small, but your features are great
When all else fails, your lights remain
From now until eternity, at layer 2 and layer 3
My one and only… 7850 Virtualized Services Gateway
-- jvb --
The growing popularity of VXLAN as an overlay networking protocol has given rise to a number of hardware gateway products. Many vendors use the Broa [...]

Where to Find Us At OpenStack

If you'll be at OpenStack Paris, let's connect. Here is information on our location and sessions.

If you're not attending, keep in touch on social media for sharing and engagement.  You may connect with us realtime on Twitter: @nuagenetworks and participate live during the Summit via Tweets and DMs. Hashtag: #OpenStack

Booth: #D3, Level 1

Virtualized Service Provider Product Demo. To whet your appetite, take a look at the NFD8 session held in September!

We’d love to see you a [...]

What a Difference a Plug-in Makes

I work for Nuage Networks and we recently announced an integration of our Openstack Neutron plug-in with Oracle Linux and Oracle Openstack. A key question arrived via Twitter: What is so special about this plug-in?

First of all, plug-ins are a mechanism to provide different vendor specific implementations of the same basic functionality / interface. Openstack Neutron comes with a default plug-in and it provides a functional implementation of all the concepts defined in the Neutron API (i.e. t [...]

SDNCentral Blog: SDN – Right Here, Right Now by CEO, Sunil Khandekar

Blog by Nuage Networks CEO, Sunil Khandekar, as posted on SDNCentral.

Recently Nuage Networks in collaboration with SDNCentral launched a set of fun and interesting videos explaining the problems that todays move to the cloud was amassing on the existing data center and wide area networks. We chose a unique format to deliver this informative message. We wanted to break through some of the hype fog that had been clouding the future vision of networking and explain the real world benefits that [...]