Nuage Networks OpenStack Integration

Exam Name:Nuage Networks OpenStack Integration Exam
Exam number:4A0-N04
Credit Towards Certification:NN-Virtuoso
Mandatory Exam Prerequisites:N/A
Exam Duration:90 Minutes
Exam Appointment Duration:135 minutes. This is the exam duration plus a 45 minute tutorial on computer-based examinations
Number of Questions:40

This overview provides broad guidelines for the type of content that may be included in the exam. Other material not described here may be incorporated into the exam.

  • Describe the Nuage Virtual Service Platform (VSP) architecture
  • Describe the OpenStack architecture
  • Map OpenStack resources like: router, network, subnet, and port to the Nuage Networks equivalent
  • Describe common types of OpenStack Neutron plugin and identify the type used by Nuage Networks
  • Identify the function of Nuage Networks plugins and extensions required for OpenStack integration
  • Describe OpenStack/Nuage Networks integration models
  • Identify the benefits of using the VSP as an SDN controller
  • Describe basic and advanced workflows in an integrated OpenStack/Nuage VSP solution
  • Compare OpenStack and Nuage Networks user, roles, and permissions
  • Deploy OpenStack and Nuage extensions
  • Configure and manage OpenStack and Nuage users, roles and permissions
  • Describe Nuage Networks / OpenStack load balancer as a service
  • Describe the benefit of OpenStack distributed virtual routing (DVR)
  • Explain how Nuage Networks improves upon OpenStack distributed virtual routing
  • Identify differences between OpenStack security groups, and Nuage Networks security policies
  • Compare QoS capabilities of Nuage Networks and OpenStack
  • Use Nuage Networks Architect, OpenStack CLI and Dashboard to create and manage: ■
    • Basic networks
    • Security groups
    • Load balancer as a service
    • Port address translation
    • Floating IP allocation
    • Advanced QoS features
    • Service chaining
    • Nuage security polices
    • Gateway connectivity
  • Recognize Nuage Networks extensions made to OpenStack
  • Assess when to use OpenStack subnets and VSD-managed subnets
  • Describe the Nuage Networks VSP Software Development Kit (VSDK) and the VSP REST API

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