Virtuoso Certification Program Exams

Written Exams

NN-VCP written exams are delivered in cooperation with Nokia and their written exam delivery partner. Exams are offered in a secure and proctored environment at the delivery partner's global test sites. Exams are available only in English. It may take up to five (5) business days for Nokia to receive an exam results.

Once Nokia has received your exam result, we will send you an acknowledgment and post the result to your secure, personalized Student Portal page. Additional information about each written exam is available by clicking on the exam names below.

New Test Provider for Nokia Written Exams

We are currently working on implementing a new test service provider, which will provide a significant improvement to the availability of test centers, expanding our global presence. As a result, exam registration is currently unavailable.

We are targeting to have exam registration available in May with our new vendor. In the interim, if you have any urgent requirements for exams, please send an email to learning.services@nokia.com and we will address your need immediately.

Practical Lab Exams

NN-VCP practical lab exams are delivered in cooperation with Nokia. Lab exams are proctored by an administrator and are available at select Nokia facilities world-wide. Lab exam locations will be published on this page once the locations have been finalized.

Prerequisites for practical lab exams are defined below. In the event that you fail a lab exam, there is a mandatory 3-month waiting period before the exam can be attempted again. Additional information and pricing for lab exams are available by clicking on the exam names below.

Exam Name
Exam Number

4A0-N01 OR 4A0-N02
To be announced

Lab Exam Locations

Ottawa – Canada
Plano – Texas
Antwerp – Belgium