Virtuoso Certification Program Nuage Networks Virtualized Services Platform Fundamentals

Course Overview

This course is designed for service providers, web-scale operators, and enterprises needing to understand the technology, techniques, and best practices for implementing a software defined networking (SDN) solution for datacenters using the Nuage Networks Virtualized Services Platform (VSP).

The course begins with an explanation of the traditional datacenter network architecture, its limitations, and the drivers and evolution of network virtualization. The Nuage Networks software and hardware-based products and SDN solutions are covered in detail. Emphasis is placed on common SDN use cases and implementation of common SDN services/applications on the Nuage Networks VSP. Cloud orchestration and integration of cloud management systems are also introduced. Students will conduct practical hands-on lab exercises throughout the course to ensure implementation-level knowledge of Nuage Networks products and SDN service solutions.

Click here to review the detailed course outline including a comprehensive list of learning objectives for this course.

Course Duration: 5 days

Recommended Prerequisites: Knowledge and experience with IP/MPLS networks and BGP-based VPN services

Price: $3125 USD per person

Course Modules

Module 1 – Datacenter Network Architecture

  • Virtualization in the datacenter
  • Virtualized network in the datacenter
  • Nuage Networks datacenter

 Module 2 – Product Introduction

  • Nuage Networks product portfolio introduction
  • Nuage Networks Virtualized Services Directory (VSD)
  • Nuage Networks Virtualized Services Controller (VSC) and Virtual Routing and Switching (VRS)
  • Nuage Networks Gateway (7850 Virtualized Services Gateway and Virtual Routing and Switching Gateway)
  • Alcatel-Lucent 7750 Datacenter Gateway

Module 3 – Use Cases

  • Security and forwarding policy
  • Service chaining
  • datacenter interconnection
  • QoS and statistics policy
  • Shared network
  • Layer 2 domain
  • Baremetal integration
  • Virtual machine (VM) migration

 Module 4 – Cloud Orchestration

  • Cloud orchestration overview
  • CMS integration
  • Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) and Alcatel-Lucent Cloudband™

The content of this course is current to Release 3.0.R4 of the Nuage Networks Virtualized Services Platform (VSP).

Class Schedule and Registration

Below are the currently scheduled list of classes and locations. Schedules are updated periodically throughout the year. To register for a class, click on the Register link for the class you are interested in. If you do not see a class on a schedule that meets your needs, please send an email to learning.services@nokia.com and we will make every effort to accommodate you.

To schedule an on-site, private delivery of the course at your location, please contact your sales representative or send an email to info@nuagenetworks.net. A minimum of six class participants are needed to arrange for a private delivery, and a recommended maximum of eight students per class.

Start DateEnd DateDurationLocationDelivery
22-Feb-201626-Feb-20165 daysCanada – OttawaClassroomRegister
29-Feb-20164-Mar-20165 daysCanada – OttawaClassroomRegister
21-Mar-201625-Mar-20165 daysFrance – LannionClassroomRegister
28-Mar-20161-Apr-20165 daysUKVirtualRegister
4-Apr-20168-Apr-20165 daysCanada – OttawaClassroomRegister
25-Apr-201629-Apr-20165 daysFrance – LannionClassroomRegister
25-Apr-201629-Apr-20165 daysUKVirtualRegister
9-May-201613-May-20165 daysIndia – BangaloreVirtualRegister
16-May-201620-May-20165 daysUSA – PlanoClassroomRegister
23-May-201627-May-20165 daysUSA – PlanoClassroomRegister
20-Jun-201624-Jun-20165 daysCanada – OttawaClassroomRegister
20-Jun-201624-Jun-20165 daysBelgium – AntwerpClassroomRegister
27-Jun-20161-Jul-20165 daysUKVirtualRegister
18-Jul-201622-Jul-20165 daysUSA – PlanoClassroomRegister
25-Jul-201629-Jul-20165 daysBelgium – AntwerpClassroomRegister
5-Sep-20169-Sep-20165 daysFrance – LannionVirtualRegister
12-Sep-201616-Sep-20165 daysUSA – PlanoClassroomRegister
19-Sep-201623-Sep-20165 daysChina – SingaporeVirtualRegister
10-Oct-201614-Oct-20165 daysUSA – PlanoClassroomRegister
17-Oct-201621-Oct-20165 daysFrance – LannionClassroomRegister
24-Oct-201628-Oct-20165 daysChina – SingaporeVirtualRegister
14-Nov-201618-Nov-20165 daysBelgium – AntwerpClassroomRegister
28-Nov-20162-Dec-20165 daysUSA – PlanoClassroomRegister
28-Nov-20162-Dec-20165 daysChina – SingaporeVirtualRegister
12-Dec-201616-Dec-20165 daysFrance – LannionVirtualRegister

Nuage Networks has authorized Nokia to serve as our training and delivery partner for this course. For specific questions regarding the course, please send an email to learning.services@nokia.com.