Houman Modarres

Twitter: @modarres

Houman Modarres leads the marketing efforts of Nuage Networks, Alcatel-Lucent’s venture committed to removing the networking constraints and boundaries that hinder cloud services. Houman joined Alcatel-Lucent’s rapidly growing IP Division in 2008 as Senior Director of Strategic Marketing, prior to which he led the marketing and product management functions within Hammerhead Systems, a Silicon Valley start-up. In other past lives on the leading edge of shifts in networking technology, Houman oversaw the Carrier VoIP/Softswitch business line at 3Com Corporation, served in Product Management roles at Newbridge Networks, and held broadband & wireless systems engineering and network planning positions at Nortel. Houman holds an MBA from the University of California Berkeley and a Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering from Columbia University.

Operationalization – The Cure to Overcoming PTSDN*

On a bright spring day just three years back we found ourselves in Portland, at the rapidly growing OpenStack Summit. ONUG had also just been formed, an organization that would grow just as rapidly in its appeal and influence. Open was the way, and the game was on. “I don’t care that it’s SDN. I care only if it solves my problem in an open way,” asserted one of the pioneers of the ONUG community repeatedly as wave after wave of “SDN-washing” rippled around him. The industry was certa [...]

Helion in the Land of the Rising Sun

As the Openstack community converges on Tokyo this week, much of the discussion is about operationalizing Openstack in growing production environments. Enterprise deployments stretch across datacenters and require all of the flexibility, automation and freedom of choice that has been promised, without compromising operational control and visibility over resources and workloads throughout the infrastructure.

Against that backdrop, how appropriate is it that HP would announce the availability o [...]

Give a little, and Git a lot!

Yesterday, as part of Tech Field Day NFD10, we announced a new community project to allow developers and our customers to customize the Nuage Virtualized Services Directory (VSD) to their environments. Through this github collaboration, custom scripts for network automation, control or visibility can be developed and shared by our customer community.

Through the vspk (Nuage VSP SDK), Nuage users can

Download the latest & most useful tools to make their Nuage experience as smooth as [...]

Don’t Shortchange the Overlay Optimistic – Takeaways from ONUG

Whether you’re overlay optimistic or overlay pessimistic about the way datacenter networks are going to evolve, there was a lot of proof in the virtual pudding at the recently concluded Open Networking User Group (ONUG) meeting in the Big Apple. The Overlay Working Group had issued their 2015 testplan challenge, and the results of their testing were published & discussed last week.

Admittedly and firmly among the Overlay optimistic, I see clearly now the leading indicators for a real sh [...]

We Can See Clearly Now

Imagine driving on a humid rainy day with the windows of your car fogging repeatedly. When time and safety are of the essence, this quickly becomes more than a nuisance. Especially in situations of busy traffic and rapidly changing road conditions, visibility is critical.

A leading indicator of the real adoption of private clouds by demanding enterprises is that the same observation is being made. Safely and productively expanding private cloud deployments often means breaking through an oper [...]

China Telecom Stacks Cloud infrastructure with Nuage SDN

In building a self-service, secure and scalable public cloud infrastructure to meet the needs of demanding enterprises, China Telecom’s Cloud Computing branch (CTCC) has deployed the Nuage Networks SDN solution. We’re all very excited to have CTCC among our latest publicly announced customers, and this blog will add a bit more commentary to our press release.

As is the case with many cloud providers, a primary driver for CTCC was to achieve faster response to customer requests while achie [...]

Kilo-cool! Vote Now as OpenStack Storms Paris

Growing from dozens of die-hard groundbreakers to thousands of capable contributors in just a few short years, the impact of OpenStack on the cloud landscape is very clear. As we’ve gone from "A to K" & "zero to 4K", the community has ever more to talk about, and the community rightfully gets what they want. From technology to implementation to real end-user reports on what’s been done, the talks get even better every year.

Now, OpenStack Summit hits Europe for the first time. And ri [...]

NFV As a Use-Case for SDN: The Role of SDN in Service Provider Network Functions Virtualization (NFV)

As consumption models for compute have changed in the new cloud era, many eyes have been opened to the possibilities for a more responsive network infrastructure. If applications and the servers they run on can be virtualized, turned up at will and consumed as needed, why can’t the networks that support them be just as agile?

Over the past year, we have seen that they certainly can. Indeed the power of instantaneous policy-driven instantiation of connectivity and network services applies to [...]

Nuage Networks Helps Networks That Help Save Lives

No one doubts that networks have made our lives richer and better. But there are networks, and then there are networks. Lives truly hang in the balance of some networks, including those of UPMC. As a leading healthcare provider, they serve millions of folks like you and me every year. They’re also on the leading edge of research to make better health a reality. Their datacenters house and move petabytes of data (more than 5 PB in fact) on a daily basis. As they modernize what is already a firs [...]

Talking Turkey: A Snapshot of our Network Virtualization Pilgrimage (Posted on SDNCentral)

As 2013 winds down and many take time to reflect on the things that mean most to them, it’s only fitting to check the pulse of progress on the software-defined networking (SDN) front as well.  For all that has been said about software defined networking and network virtualization, one thing is certain: Networks are evolving to become as fluid and responsive as cloud applications need them to be, and the shifts in operational mindset that embody SDN have been translated to technologies that ca [...]

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