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Nuage Networks to Contribute Technology for BT’s future SD-WAN Services

Large organizations around the world are adopting cloud services at a rapid pace. It’s not surprising, since the cloud provides instantaneous access to a whole world of applications and services at home, work, and on the go.

BT is at the heart of this transition, announcing it will accelerate its investment by integrating a range of new technologies – including those from Nuage Networks — that will make it easier, faster and safer for organizations to move towards a cloud-based IT consumption model and succeed in their ambitious digital transformation journeys. 

BT president of global portfolio & marketing, Chet Patel, said in a recent news announcement –  that this“…is an important stage in a journey that will ultimately give BT customers unparalleled choice, security, resilience, service, and agility in the roll out of high performance networks designed for the age of the cloud.”

BT’s new SD-WAN service, Agile Connect, powered by Nuage Networks, will allow organizations to automate and control network connectivity from any business location to applications hosted in any private or public cloud through a self-service portal.   

Nuage is creating the on-demand expressways connecting users to their applications; it’s our unique value proposition.  Having end-to-end automation from any business location to the applications is vital for providing simple, agile and secure access with consistent user experience that businesses in a hyper-competitive market demand.

The initial launch of BT’s new service, Agile Connect is planned for early 2017. It is specifically being developed to serve global organizations using a cloud-based IT consumption model and will complement BT’s existing IP and Ethernet VPN offering. Enterprises will now have a VPN designed for the cloud, using policy-driven network automation that makes cloud services and applications available on demand for emerging use cases like DevOps.

I believe this announcement moves us closer to a new era of on demand access. The consumerization of IT increasingly strains today’s computer networks, so IT needs an approach that automates the means of connecting users to their applications.

The Nuage team had a lot of fun making videos that contrasted the pre-SDN world of setting up a VPN with what’s now possible. I encourage you to watch this video, “Be the Hero,” to see just how easy it now is to set up a VPN – and get a glimpse into what BT’s customers will soon have access to, every day here

More information: blog: “Networking designed for the Cloud: BT Taps Nuage SD-WAN technology by guest Keith Langridge, Vice President of Network Services, BT

BT Network Services:

Read BT Let’s Talk Blog: “SD-WAN, it’s a sliding scale” by Campbell Orr, Head of Product Management for SD-WAN at BT or “Why you need a balanced approach to your network’s future”, by Keith Langridge, Vice President of Network Services, BT.

Nuage Networks SD-WAN:


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