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Hello World: Introducing OpenStack DevOps Cloud Reference Architecture

Nuage Networks first shipped Virtualized Services Platform (VSP) in 2013.  Since then, VSP has been operational in some of the largest data centers around the world, making the cloud “real” by making the network as accessible and fungible as the compute side of the house.

OpenStack powers the cloud orchestration layer in most of our installations.  And, to meet our customers’ networking needs, we have been busy building a partner ecosystem.  Among other functionality, we have deployed security appliances, application delivery controllers, and IP address management applications within our overlay software-define network.

Nuage Networks has encapsulated the experience gained from deploying secure, flexible, and at-scale virtualized networks into cloud reference architectures.  We are excited to debut two of these DevOps reference architectures at OpenStack Summit in Vancouver this week.

One of the DevOps reference architecture combines Nuage Networks VSP with software from F5, Infoblox, Palo Alto Networks, and Red Hat.  Red Hat OpenStack Platform 6 orchestrates the cloud while Nuage Networks VSP virtualizes the cloud Network.  F5 Big IP Local Traffic Manager delivers application delivery, Infoblox DDI enables DNS, DHCP and IP address management, and Palo Alto Networks VM-Series next-generation firewall protection secures the network.

We are also debuting a cloud DevOps reference architecture with Canonical as the OpenStack distribution layer and Avi Networks as a distributed ADC.

To stress the point, these reference architectures are not test tube experiments.  They are based on actual and operational OpenStack environments powering business in the US, Europe, and Asia today.  These cloud DevOps reference architectures are a statement that enterprises and service providers now view OpenStack and SDN as mainstream.  The lineup of impressive partners that Nuage Networks has assembled is a testament to the tried-and-true nature of these cloud environments.

One more thing:  For this reference architecture, Nuage Networks leveraged SoftLayer to host the physical server infrastructure in four distinct geographical regions:  San Jose, CA, Washington, DC, Toronto, and Hong Kong. Leveraging VSP, Nuage Networks overlaid a logically contiguous LAN over the dispersed infrastructure to create a single logical network for the OpenStack deployment and related services.  By federating four separate data centers into a one logical topology, Nuage Networks VSP created a more reliable, resilient, and geographically dispersed infrastructure while reducing operational complexity.  “Cool” is an appropriate descriptive adjective in this case.

To learn more about these OpenStack DevOps reference architectures, please attend my 20-minute demo at the Marketplace Expo Hall Theater in the OpenStack Summit on Tuesday at 10:50 am.  This link provides more information about the event.  You can also visit the booths of all partners that have participated in these reference architectures to get a deeper look.

I look forward to seeing you in Vancouver.

Amir Sharif

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