Support time-critical financial operations with Software Defined Networking

The Challenge

The move to the cloud has changed the way financial data is consumed. Consumers are no longer bound by the brick and mortar constraints of a physical financial world. They demand fast access to their information regardless of location or device.

As your mission-critical information systems are relocated to cloud datacenters, pressure is building both within the datacenter and between the datacenters and your consumers. With 24/7 access and global financial markets “time is money” has never been truer.

Why our SDN is Unmatched for Finance

Revitalize your network without replacing any existing hardware

Nuage Networks Virtualized Services Platform (VSP) Software Defined Networking products significantly improve the responsiveness of your existing network without requiring the replacement of any hardware in the datacenter or WAN.

Experience unconstrained datacenter networking across your entire financial institution

Nuage Networks VSP removes the artificial boundaries that exist in today’s datacenters and WAN. By virtualizing network paths, the instant a new application is deployed policy-based automation ensures both the datacenter network and WAN are configured to support the application, based on your business rules. Your customers get instant access to their chosen applications.

Improve security and streamline system auditing

Nuage Network VSP’s policy engine provides a centralized repository for securing the distribution of financial application data across your network. This ensures your business information access policies are enforced on the network at all times and provides a singe point to validate and audit adherence.

How We Help You

With Nuage Networks VSP, you can virtualize financial networks without replacing existing datacenter or WAN hardware.

Our SDN ensures network connectivity is completely automated and deployed in lock step with the requirements of your mission-critical applications. You can count on your network to keep up, even during peak financial times.

Your network becomes as responsive as the virtualized compute systems that host your financial applications. As new application hosts are deployed, the network is automatically configured to provide connectivity across the datacenter and out to the WAN with minimal interaction from your network team. Security rules are implemented and enforced from a centralized management system to ensure the integrity and security of your financial information.

Proof Positive

Centuries Young bank builds a multinational private cloud

The Bank’s revolutionary and long-term vision could not be realized with their current infrastructure. The visionary solution: Transition entirely to a private cloud with online, real-time access for both customers and trading partners. Taking the long-term view, the Bank built an entirely new architecture based on OpenStack and multiple new strategic vendors. Each vendor provides new capabilities or new best-of-breed components. Nuage Networks Virtualized Services Platform (VSP) overlays and unifies the entire cloud. With this new cloud approach, the Bank is well on its way to another century of progress.

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