Provide datacenter networking that enables life-altering healthcare in real time.

The Challenge

The digital revolution within the healthcare sector is putting immense pressure on traditional IT systems and networks. Paper-based records have evolved to electronic patient records. Physical X-rays and medical scans are now digital. These changes are behind huge increases in the volume of information traversing the healthcare organization.

Healthcare organizations are also adopting new applications, expanding service locations and sharing information with affiliate organizations such as healthcare specialists. All of these factors are exceeding the capabilities of legacy network technologies.

Why our SDN is Unmatched for Healthcare

Enable new healthcare applications to be delivered just where needed

Nuage Networks Virtualized Services Platform (VSP) provides full workload mobility with appropriate datacenter security. New healthcare applications can be brought up and cloned in real time to respond to daily or emergency care needs.

Revitalize your cloud datacenter and network without replacing any existing hardware

Our Software Defined Networking products significantly improves the responsiveness of datacenter networking without requiring any replacement hardware in the datacenter or WAN.

Benefit from centralized control of far-flung healthcare operations

Large healthcare organizations typically span multiple clinical settings, testing facilities and administrative offices. Nuage Networks VSP’s centralized control mechanism masters the complexity of real-time healthcare networks.

How We Help You

Nuage Networks closes the gap between the network and your cloud-based healthcare applications. Our Software Defined Networking products transform the way IT groups build and use their networks. Nuage Networks ensures your datacenter networking and wide area networks are as efficient and flexible as your cloud computing. The result is a choreographed environment where compute resources and the network work seamlessly across your healthcare facilities. In your business, it is critical that clinicians and partners have reliable access to the information they need to provide healthcare services.

Cloud networking become as responsive as the virtualized compute systems that host your applications. As new healthcare applications are deployed, the network is automatically configured to provide connectivity across the datacenter and out to the WAN with minimal interaction from your network team. Information security rules are implemented and enforced by a centralized management system to ensure the integrity and security of healthcare information.

Proof Positive

Healthcare provider relies on Software Defined Networking to meet growing demand

UPMC is a world-renowned health-care provider based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and the largest non-governmental employer in the state with over 62,000 employees. The successful implementation of server virtualization resulted in an unwanted consequence: network bottlenecks both in terms of responsiveness to applications and network performance. By implementing Software Defined Networking from Nuage Networks, UPMC was able to resolve network bottlenecks and utilize existing network resources more efficiently. See the Success Story for more information.

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