High Technology

Match the speed of your network to the speed of your business with Software Defined Networking

The Challenge

High technology hardware and software vendors know success relies on speed as much as sophistication. You need to be first to market, first to address customer demands, and first to capitalize on events such as new regulations.

For many, your strategy for success includes frequent acquisitions and mergers. Integrating these new companies into the fold places incredible pressure on your IT systems and networks.

You also need to support leading-edge technologies – yours and your partners. It’s no wonder legacy networking technologies fall short.

Why our SDN is Unmatched for High Technology

Maximize the responsiveness of your network with SDN

With Nuage Networks VSP, CMS and hypervisor-generated actions such as the instantiation and cloning of a virtual machine are met in real-time with an automated, flexible and intelligent response.

Consolidate new datacenters easily

Since Nuage Networks VSP acts as an overlay and supports all IP-based networking gear, new datacenters can easily be consolidated into a coherent, unified network.

Revitalize your network without replacing existing hardware

Our SDN products significantly improves the responsiveness of your existing network without requiring any replacement hardware in the datacenter or WAN. To virtualize high-performance physical servers, we provide optional software and hardware gateways.

How We Help You

Nuage Networks Virtualized Services Platform (VSP) provides a Software Defined Networking approach that transforms the way networks are built and managed. By unifying the network across Cloud Management Software (CMS) platforms, hypervisors, hardware and datacenters, our solution ensures high technology organizations can leverage the network to run their business and to be part of their business offering.

With our solution, your system becomes as efficient and flexible as your network virtualization and cloud infrastructure. Nuage Networks VSP functions as an overlay to existing CMS platforms and hypervisors. Centrally-defined policies ensure all network components can be automatically configured to provide connectivity across the datacenter and out to the WAN, with minimal interaction from your network team. You can also use Nuage Network’s REST API to integrate your products into the network.

Proof Positive

Analyst endorses our approach to network virtualization

“From our SDN surveys, enterprises and global service providers understand that automation through network abstraction will deliver benefits in operational efficiency and shorter time to new revenue. A hybrid architecture integrating virtualized and non-virtualized infrastructure will make SDN practical now. The Nuage Networks 7850 Virtualized Services Gateway fits this market requirement for a high performance gateway using time-tested software on performance optimized hardware. Nuage Networks is an innovative entrant in the SDN market that will grow over the next decade.” Cliff Grossner Ph.D., Directing Analyst, Data Center and Cloud, Infonetics

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