Network virtualization presents unfamiliar choices to infrastructure and operations (I&O) teams. Hyperscale cloud providers have shown that SDN and automation can streamline operations and improve the customer experience. But I&O teams keep turning to solutions from networking incumbents. To build a virtual network infrastructure (VNI), these teams need solutions from established vendors and innovative startups.

This report from Forrester profiles four breakout vendors to consider as you start to build a VNI. Solutions from these vendors can help you evolve your network and use network virtualization to gain a competitive edge.

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Forrester profiles breakout virtual network infrastructure vendors

Discover strategies to developing a VNI that is automated, programmable and flexibly adapts to the needs of your customers.

Learn why Nuage Networks is one of the emerging vendors that can help teams make the shift with the least amount of risk by keeping options open, or allowing existing solutions to be easily integrated with other parts of VNI.