Industry Leader EANTC SD-WAN Test Report 09.2018
Nuage Networks SD-WAN 2.0: One Platform, Unlimited Possibilities

"The EANTC SD-WAN test covers many aspects of the technology; typically vendors select a subset for which they are best prepared. Nuage Networks in contrast, boldly selected all of them." - Carsten Rossenhövel, CTO EANTC AG

Test highlights

  1. Scaling tested up to 4,000 branches
  2. Supports up to 396,000 overlay tunnels
  3. Performs with 129,240 full mesh overlay tunnels per tenant.
  4. Manages up to a tested 40 tenants at a multi-tenant CPE
  5. Supports controller and site redundancy without single point of failure
  6. Implements CLI- and GUI-based performance monitoring
  7. Provides Zero Touch CPE provisioning and in-service tenant creation
  8. Supports network service chaining functions.


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Excerpts from the report:

“The agility and resilience of the solution surpassed our expectations easily.”

“The connectionless tunneling solution is an innovative and well functioning design.”

“Nuage Networks has managed to combine extensive experience with in service provider IP/MPLS transport solutions with SDN orchestration and service management knowledge.”

“The broad range of scalability and functionality tests helped to get a good grip on the Nuage Networks SD-WAN 2.0 solution’s readiness: We verified its support for very large tenants and a huge number of small tenants; we tested full-mess tunnels at max, each carrying traffic; we investigated multiple types of physical and virtual CPEs. The service scale results were flawless and matched the vendor’s claims.”

EANTC has put our platform to the test and we have exceeded their expectations! Get the report now to see the results of each category.


  • Tenancy and Location Scalability
  • Multi-Tenancy Management
  • Endpoint and Link Resiliency
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Service Chaining and Elasticity