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Ashton Metzler & Associates: 2015 State of the WAN Report

2015 State-of-the-WAN Report

This report, authored by leading industry analyst Dr. Jim Metzler, presents current market research on the factors that are impacting the WAN as well as providing insight into what network organizations feel about the viability of Software Defined WANs (SD WANs). It discusses how WAN budgets are, or are not, growing, the applications that are driving the use of MPLS and Internet services,  and it identifies how much Internet traffic is still being backhauled.  The report provides insight into the interest in SD WANs:  Do network organizations know what an SD WAN is? If so, what would drive them to deploy one?  What would inhibit them, and if they did deploy one, are they likely to stick with their current vendors?  Continue reading…




Citrix Systems  •  Nuage Networks  •  Sonus Networks


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