Borderless Datacenters

Borderless Datacenters with SDN

Remove network boundaries across datacenters, everywhere and always.

The Challenge

Multi-datacenter environments are challenging service providers’ legacy networking practices. You face problems due to:

  • Disparate environments. Service providers typically have multiple datacenters that must be managed efficiently and consistently despite having different build-outs and, often, origins in different companies with varying standards and practices.

  • Poor mobility. Virtual machines (VMs) and applications are not readily portable among datacenters.

  • Need for manual tuning. To deliver consistent networking services across datacenters, a great deal of manual tuning is typically needed on an ongoing basis.

Why our SDN is Unmatched for Borderless Datacenters

Level sets networking even on disparate hardware

Nuage Networks Virtualized Services Platform (VSP) offers a policy approach that is unique in providing consistent network resources independent of the underlying hardware configurations.

Enables you to efficiently balance workloads

Our policy framework ensures automated, secure and reliable balancing and mobility of datacenter workloads.

Relies on security that is consistent and provable

Since datacenter security is policy-based, when VMs move they retain the same security settings. All security parameters are logged for auditing.

How We Help You

Nuage Networks Virtualized Services Platform (VSP) is a non-disruptive overlay to existing virtualized and non-virtualized network resources. Because all components are virtualized, you don’t need any purpose-built networking hardware. The tie to a physical network element is replaced with a set of required network attributes. Similar to how cell phones preserve their attributes while in roaming mode, our SDN products preserve the network attributes (required network settings including security) no matter where the workload is placed. Nuage Networks VSP provides full network roaming capabilities for all your workloads.

Our approach to network virtualization removes physical hardware complexity to level set networking within and across datacenters. Centrally defined policies control overall resource allocation, security and other specifications even on varying hardware and software configurations.

As shown in the figure, the Virtualized Services Directory (VSD) manages network provisioning and security policies and communicates with one-to-many Virtual Services Controller(s) (VSC) via the control plane (as indicated by the dotted lines). Each VSC provides control plane coordination among one-to-many Virtual Routing and Switching (VRS) components. Each policy is interpreted by the VRS data plane component to automate network provisioning for virtual machines (VMs) and applications. Since the VRS includes both an embedded virtual switch (vSwitch) and a firewall, datacenter mobility and security capabilities are maximized.

Leveraging a single master policy, VMs can be moved either within the datacenter or across datacenters in a completely automated fashion. No network or security provisions need to be redefined. Nuage Networks VSP ensures the VM’s metadata (network and security settings) are preserved and moved with the application or VM. When the application or VM boots, Nuage Networks VSP is triggered and takes the appropriate action(s). Service chaining capabilities allow complex, multi-step processes (such as enabling cascading security checks down multiple firewalls) to be automated.

Nuage Networks VSP facilitates workload mobility as VMs move with all metadata needed to operate. Embedded monitoring capabilities provide real-time performance data. Flexible policies utilize the VM’s metadata and the performance data to calculate the level of network resource needed for the VM in its new location. By unifying the entire network environment into a coherent, manageable whole, Nuage Networks VSP truly creates borderless datacenters.

Removing network boundaries within and among datacenters
Removing network boundaries within and among datacenters

Major Benefits

  • Consistent network resources. Nuage Networks provides consistent network resources and security even for disparate datacenter configurations.
  • Unified management. With full management support across Cloud Management Software stacks, hypervisors, hardware and more, the entire environment can be managed effectively and efficiently.
  • Fast absorption. A newly acquired or consolidated datacenter can be quickly integrated into the unified network without requiring upgrades.

Proof Positive

EVONET, a telecommunications service provider in Belgium, provides high-performance cloud services. With Nuage Networks, EVONET is able to leverage its innovations in cloud services, including disaster recovery, to level the playing field with larger SPs. EVONET is able to establish consistent SLAs across datacenters, to scale out 100-fold without re-architecting, and to provision even entire racks in a matter of hours.

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