CMS Automation

Streamline Operations with Cloud Management Software Automation

Leverage a CMS and our SDN to automate your entire network across hypervisors, across vendors, and across datacenters.

The Challenge

Many service providers are taking advantage of Cloud Management Software (CMS) platforms such as OpenStack, CloudStack, and VMware to provide valuable overall IT orchestration. But you are encountering several challenges when implementing CMS systems for networking functionality:

  • Complexity. CMS-based automation does not encompass network complexities such as cascading firewalls.

  • Network scalability. CMS systems provide orchestration but not Fortune 500-size network scalability.

  • Security and isolation. Security and multi-tenant capabilities are limited.

  • Support for non-virtualized resources. CMS systems typically encompass only fully virtualized resources.

Why our SDN is Unmatched for CMS Automation

Delivers only end-to-end end automation approach

Nuage Networks Virtualized Services Platform (VSP) provides end-to-end automation from a range of CMS systems across hypervisors, network hardware and physical datacenters. Service Chaining capabilities master even complex cascading firewall configuration needs.

Brings both virtualized and non-virtualized resources under full CMS control

Nuage Networks VSP makes it easy for you to manage bare metal servers alongside virtualized resources. Most needs are met with a software gateway. A hardware gateway is available for more network-intensive requirements.

Level sets operations across the board

Nuage Networks VSP drops in over a datacenter network and level sets performance across the network, independently of hardware and software configuration and buildout.

How We Help You

Nuage Networks Virtualized Services Platform (VSP) is a non-disruptive overlay to existing virtualized and non-virtualized network resources. Because all components are virtualized, you don’t need any purpose-built networking hardware. The tie to a physical network element is replaced with a set of required network attributes. Similar to how cell phones preserve their attributes while in roaming mode, our SDN products preserve the network attributes (required network settings including security) no matter where the workload is placed. Nuage Networks VSP provides full network roaming capabilities for all your workloads.

As shown in the figure below, Cloud Management Software (CMS) (such as OpenStack, CloudStack, and VMware) orchestrates activities between the server and network layers. Nuage Networks VSP unifies all datacenters, network segments, and both virtualized and non-virtualized resources into a cohesive, manageable private cloud. Nuage Networks VSP accepts instructions from and relays information back to the CMS via plug-ins built to each CMS’s standards.

With Nuage Networks VSP, the network flexes in real time to provision workloads (typically virtual machines (VMs)) that are being instantiated or moved. Network events are used as triggers for policy-based automation capabilities. Looking at the example in the figure, we see:

  1. The CMS initiates a move request for a VM to both the server virtualization control plane (such as VMware vCenter) and Nuage Networks VSP.
  2. The server virtualization control plane initiates the move based on its policies.
  3. Nuage Networks VSP detects that the move is being initiated.
  4. Nuage Networks VSP translates the policy into required network and security attributes at Datacenter 2.
  5. The VM is automatically moved and instantiated in real time with the appropriate networking profile and consistent metadata (such as networking counters and security definitions).

To maximize usefulness in complex, distributed environments, Nuage Networks VSP provides a hierarchy of policies. For example, while the master policy contains security provisions that cannot be overridden, dependent policies can be reused and customized across tenants and across applications or VMs. This hierarchy of policies ensures that central operations can enforce overall policies yet provide datacenter-based control and customization as needed.

CMS automation based on event-driven, intelligent policies
CMS automation based on event-driven, intelligent policies

Major benefits

Maximizes asset value. Because our products work with your existing network assets, you’re not looking at forklift upgrades. New or acquired datacenter assets can be easily added using Nuage Networks VSP’s GUI or via the REST API. Also, the ability to share network resources across multiple virtual networks increases resource utilization. The useful life of your network assets is extended – maximizing asset value.

Increases customer responsiveness. Automation efficiencies eliminate tedious repetitive tasks, reduce operating expenses, and minimize manual interventions, so you can be more responsive to customers.

Increases reliability and predictability. You typically rely on an extensive library of customizable scripts for operations. Nuage Networks VSP replaces these custom-built, unwieldy scripts with a single, robust policy-based automation architecture that increases operational reliability and predictability.

Proof Positive

Cloud service provider enhances customer service while streamlining operations

Numergy, the cloud computing leader of France, offers best-of-breed public cloud computation services to the government, enterprises and entrepreneurs. With Nuage Networks’ Software Defined Networking, Numergy was able to increase the effectiveness of their core Service Level Agreements, utilize resources across multiple physical datacenters more effectively, and leverage service chaining for more sophisticated and automated operations.
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Company innovates the Dedicated OpenStack Cloud

The company was faced with a quandary: Its customers wanted the self-service controls, reliability, and security of a dedicated server environment but the elasticity, cost, and scale advantages of a public cloud. The company resolved the quandary of public cloud and private cloud needs with an innovative solution: a Dedicated Cloud service based on OpenStack and Nuage Networks. Dedicated Clouds enable customers to focus on the needs of their applications and virtual machines (VMs) by providing an automated, self-service virtualized software layer on top of dedicated, physically isolated hardware. With this approach, customers can focus on their applications rather than the infrastructure and environment.
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