Nuage Networks 210 WBX

Course Overview

This course is designed for network professionals who need to understand the technology, techniques, and best practices for implementing datacenter solutions that include the Nuage Networks 210 WBX.

The course provides detailed explanations and practical exercises for different use cases, including using the 210 WBX as a building block in a leaf-and-spine IP fabric, using the 210 WBX as a VXLAN gateway in an SDN datacenter, configuring multi-chassis LAG redundancy on a pair of 210 WBX, implementing 210 WBX OpenStack integration for the Telco Cloud use case, as well as 210 WBX security and QoS features.

Course Number: OP00021-V-1908
Course Duration: 3 days
Recommended Prerequisites: Nuage Networks Virtualized Cloud Services (VCS) Fundamentals (TTP36005) or familiarity with Nuage Networks VCS in datacenters, plus MPLS VPN. Experience with Linux and OpenStack
Price: $2,300 USD per person

Course Modules

Module 1 – Product Introduction

  • Nuage Networks Portfolio Overview
  • 210 WBX Variants
  • Main Use Cases

Module 2 – System Configuration

  • WBX Software Installation
  • WBX Management
  • WBX Automated Configuration
  • WBX SR OS Basic Configuration
  • WBX SR OS Ethernet Ports Configuration

Lab – Explore the Lab Setup

Module 3 – Underlay Routing

  • Underlay Routing Overview
  • OSPF and OSPFv3 Configuration
  • BGP Configuration for IPv4 and IPv6

Lab – Explore the BGP Configuration

Module 4 – Manually Configured Services

  • SR OS Services
  • Service Components
  • Local Services on the WBX
  • Combination of Local Services

Lab – Configuration of Local Services

  • Ethernet Virtual Private Network (EVPN)
  • Configuration of Distributed Services on the WBX
  • VLAN Transparency
  • MAC Move

Lab – Configuration of Distributed Services

Module 5 – VXLAN Gateways

  • 210 WBX as a VXLAN Gateway
  • Overlay Networks and the WBX
  • XMPP Communication with the VSD
  • WBX configuration from the VSD
  • Creating vPorts on the 210 WBX
  • Using BGP on WBX
  • Introduction to the Backhaul VPLS

Lab – WBX as a VXLAN Gateway

Module 6 – Extending Overlay Networks

  • Overlay Networks access to External Networks
  • Stretching a Domain Through the WBX
  • Stretching a Domain Through the WBX using BGP

Lab – Configure BGP on a WBX vPort

Module 7 – Redundancy and Multi-Chassis LAG

  • WBX Multi-Chassis LAG
  • MC-LAG Basic Configuration
  • MC-LAG Configuration for Underlay Traffic

Lab – Active/Active MC-LAG in the underlay

  • MC-LAG Configuration for Overlay Traffic

Module 8 – Security and Quality of Service on the WBX

  • Security Overview
  • Management Plane Security
  • Control Plane Security
  • Traffic Filtering in the Underlay
  • Overlay Network security policies on the WBX
  • WBX Quality of Service features
  • Quality of Service in Overlay Network

Module 9 – WBX Monitoring Tools

  • Event Logging
  • Statistics
  • Traffic Mirroring
  • Miscellaneous Monitoring Commands

Module 10 – WBX-OpenStack Integration and Telco Cloud

  • Introduction to the Telco Cloud and NFV principles
  • OpenStack Overview
  • WBX Positioning in the Telco Cloud Solution
  • Configure WBX as VXLAN GW from OpenStack
  • Automated SRIOV and WBX Orchestration

Lab – SRIOV Automation