Sunil Khandekar

Twitter: @SunilSKhandekar

Sunil leads the vision and direction at Nuage Networks. Sunil brings over fifteen years of experience in the communications and networking industry, including his former role as VP of business development for Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA), as well as VP of global product management for Alcatel Lucent’s IP Division. Sunil gained expertise in the networking startup space in his time at TiMetra Networks, where he led product management and standardization. And before that, he held a variety of product management and consulting engineering management roles with Bay and Nortel Networks in New York and Santa Clara. Sunil has co-authored and contributed to multiple IETF drafts. He is also a regular speaker at industry events and conferences. He has a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering and a master’s degree in CIS.

Lifting the Cloud Over SDN: A LightReading Blog by Sunil Khandekar

 A Blog by Sunil Khandekar, founder and CEO of Nuage Networks, an Alcatel-Lucent venture. Also posted on LightReading.

Software-defined networking (SDN) must be magic. Why else would researchers, educators, vendors, customers -- practically everyone and anyone connected to the networking industry -- be so high on SDN?

The answer, of course, lies in the promise of SDN. After all, isn't it supposed to completely transform networking? Isn't it the innovation that has finally rescued the networ [...]

Delivering on the Promise of SDN

It was a year ago, last April, that we brought Nuage Networks and our Virtualized Services Platform (VSP) to the market. When we started, our primary challenge, SDN or otherwise, was to address the mismatch between the operational agility of data center networks and the applications that they served. We observed that compute had become quite easily consumable due to server virtualization, but network connectivity was nowhere near as responsive and dynamic. Network instantiation remained highly m [...]

It’s the Application, Stupid: Where SDN Really Ought to Be Going (Posted on SDNCentral)

Amidst all the hype around OpenFlow and then software-defined networking (SDN), what is getting lost (as things often do) is the fundamental problem that we have collectively set out to solve for cloud computing: the rapid deployment of applications onto networks. Bringing IT and IP together to realize DevOps. To provide true business agility with operational simplification without sacrificing what CIO’s care about most: speed and security with full control and visibility across all their work [...]

What’s Old is New Again

It turns out that this old adage is even true in the networking business. Tried and true principles of networking are being re-applied for Cloud computing.  And judging by some recent networking solutions, even some tried and failed principles are being applied in the context of SDN.

Nonetheless, the debate (if there ever was one) is settled.  SDN has arrived, and is here to stay.   In fact, the network abstraction and automation provided by SDN will cause a major change (perhaps disrupti [...]

Is SDN For Real? And If So, What Is It?

There is no question that SDN is the hot new technology that has suddenly made networking interesting and fun all over again.  With market forecasts estimated in tens of billions, spectacular valuations have been applied to early stage start-ups and every networking vendor worth its salt seems to be coming up with SDN solutions.   It's raining SDN in the networking industry!

So is SDN for real?  And if so, what is it?

Recently I participated in an industry panel discussion on SDN. One o [...]

The Data Center Network Is Not In The Way Anymore!

IT has been undergoing a massive shift to the cloud for a few years now, driven by enterprise motivations to consolidate, as well as to use compute resources more optimally and efficiently. While compute virtualization has driven this transformation, the network inside the data center has fallen woefully behind. The data center network is in the way!

Or, put another way, imagine going to an ATM, punching in your information for a withdrawal, and receiving the message that your cash will be re [...]