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210wbx 2

Advanced SDN capabilities for any environment

The 210 WBX running Nuage Networks software is the industry’s leading 1 RU datacenter gateway supporting software-defined networking (SDN). Built to cope with the demanding requirements of datacenters and cloud services, it perfectly fits in scale-out underlay leaf and spine CLOS fabric architectures, and serves as a powerful SDN hardware VXLAN Termination End Point (VTEP) to create Layer 2 and Layer 3 Virtual Private Network (VPN) services in the overlay.

Flexible. Proven. Efficient.

210 WBX 32QSFP28

210wbx 3

210 WBX 48SFP28 6QSFP28

210wbx 4

100GbE ports can use QSFP28/QSFP+ modules. A QSFP28 module supports 1x100GbE, 1x50GbE, or 4x25GbE, and 2x50GbE using breakout cables. A QSFP+ module supports 1x50GbE and 1x40GbE connections, or 4x10GbE connections using breakout cables.25GbE ports can use SFP28, SFP+, or SFP modules. An SFP28 module supports 25GbE, an SFP+ module supports 10GbE, and an SFP module supports 1GbE.

All models in the 210 WBX portfolio deliver rich Layer 2 and Layer 3 features with wire-speed performance and port-to-port latency under 400 ns. Control-plane performance is achieved using a powerful 1.9GHz six core X86 architecture CPU with 16Gbytes of memory.

210wbx 32

Nuage Networks 210 WBX 32QSFP28

A compact 1 RU platform with capacity for 32 small form-factor pluggable QSFP28 or QSFP+ ports, two redundant 800 W AC/ DC power supplies, and five fan trays. This model achieves a maximum wire-speed throughput of 6.4 Tbits/s half duplex.

210wbx 48

Nuage Networks 210 WBX 48SFP28 6QSFP28

A compact 1 RU platform featuring 48 SFP ports (SFP28, SFP+ or SFP) and six QSFP28 or QSFP+ ports, two redundant 800W AC/DC power supplies, and four fan trays. This model achieves a maximum wire-speed throughput of 3.6 Tbits/s half duplex.


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Industry’s Leading Density and Flexibility

The 210 WBX complements the Nuage Networks 7850 VSG (industry’s highest 10GbE port density in a 1RU gateway at 96 ports) with 100GbE, 50GbE, and 25GbE capabilities. Support includes 1GbE (via SFP), 10GbE (SFP+), 25GbE (SFP28), 40GbE (QSFP+), 50GbE (QSFP+ and QSFP28) and 100GbE (QSFP28).

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Operational Efficiency

The 210 WBX running Nuage Networks software supports full configuration and network management functions using SNMPv3 for the Nokia Network Services Platform (NSP) or third-party network management systems. Local configuration is provided using a console with out-of-band management provided over a dedicated Ethernet 10/100/1000 port.

210wbx 8

Proven Operating System

Operating system functionality is provided with the implementation of the award winning and widely deployed SR OS from Nokia. The SR OS is implemented by the top 40 service providers worldwide and delivers a robust, scalable, and interoperable foundation proven in the world’s largest IP networks.

210wbx 9


ONIE provides the infrastructure that allows the NOS Nuage Networks 210 WBX software to be installed on a disk. NOS installation can be done from an external SD card, or from the network. For more information, please refer to the following website: opencomputeproject/onie.

210wbx 10 resized

Dev-Ops Hypervisor

The 210 WBX features a standard x48-64 platform hypervisor using commercial Linux to create a virtualized environment for running VMs, enabling the running standard, off-the-shelf software from the most popular Linux repositories natively. The environment gives users the capability to install the third-party or ad-hoc applications and tools on the hypervisor.

210wbx 11

Spine and Leaf All in One

Whether the user is after an IP fabric but decides over time to use overlay networks, there’s no need to change the model or trombone to a more feature-rich router. The 210 WBX using Nuage Networks software is both a spine and a leaf with level 2 and level 3 VXLAN VTEP capabilities. With its superb flexibility, the user gets to decide.


Forwarding Table Flexibility

The forwarding table settings allow the user to configure the Layer 2 media access control (MAC) and the Layer 3 host table, enabling the 210 WBX to be optimized for different deployment scenarios

Underlay services

The SR OS basic software allows the configuration of local services, such as a Virtual Private LAN Service (VPLS), Internet Enhanced Service (IES) and Virtual Private Routed Network (VPRN), in addition to overlay services.

Multi-Chassis Link Aggregation (MCLAG)

The 210 WBX using Nuage Networks software supports the active/active and active/standby MC-LAG protocol between two switches.

High availability

High availability features of the 7950 210 WBX include hardware resiliency with redundant and hot swappable power supply units (1+1) and fan trays (4+1).

Gateway overlay functions

Support for both virtualized (VMs and containers) and non-virtualized (bare metal) compute platforms is critical for today’s data centers. 210 WBX supports any mix of all of these platforms.

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