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The Nuage Networks Professional Services team provides a premier network integration function with a tight coupling of IT application, data center and wide area network expertise to deliver the benefits of Software Defined Networking with minimal risk and business impact.

Nuage Networks Professional Services help operators transition to a more simplified, cost-effective and scalable data center infrastructure. Our comprehensive portfolio not only supports every step of the transformation, from initial consulting to post implementation support, but also provides the coordination and management of the overall project.

A Comprehensive Offer

Through an in-depth analysis of your current data center and operational environment, our consulting services determine your requirements and define the best evolution strategy that will optimize the performance of your data centers in a cost-contained manner.

Our design services specify the new Data Center infrastructure according to our best practices to address your requirements in terms of scalability, resiliency, load balancing and security. The migration to the new architecture is carefully planned and executed thanks to advanced migration tools and methodologies.

Seamless operationalization of the new datacenter is ensured through the deployment of the right scripts, portals and plugins to streamline operations and make sure the right KPI such as performance statistics and network and virtual machine consumption are available for an efficient monitoring. Smooth knowledge transfer to your operational teams is delivered through advanced training and on-site engineer services.


Nuage Networks Professional services deliver the following benefits:

Lower operations expenses

Optimize the performance of the Data Center

Get the most out of your investments.

Integrate new Technologies with your existing IT systems to help simplify your operations and lower your costs.

Streamline deployment of Nuage Networks

Acceleration of data center transformation to Nuage Networks Virtualized Services Platform with industry leading professional services.

Reduced risk thanks to field-proven expertise, methodology and unmatched experience.

Global approach to maximize operational efficiency and flexibility.

Capture new business opportunity

Use the cloud to change how you launch and scale new services.

Design the Data Center infrastructure that will allow you to be more nimble and adaptable to business and technology change.

A trusted partner

Our industry leading professional services are customized to your needs to accelerate your data center transformation to Nuage Networks Virtualized Services Platform, reduce the risk thanks to our field-proven expertise, methodology and unmatched experience and maximize your operational efficiency and flexibility.

In addition, our constant business focus helps you protect existing capital investments and accelerate return on investment, making us a partner of choice to support you in your transformation projects.

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