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First generation SD-WAN solutions offered a means to enhance wide area network automation that lowered operational costs, increased network agility, and provided application level visibility and control between the physical branches of the enterprise. But with the move towards digital transformation and the adoption of cloud native IT systems, this level of networking is no longer enough.

The acceleration of digital transformation combined with the rapid deployment of public cloud based services has dramatically expanded the traditional boundaries of the enterprise network. Next generation SD-WAN solutions needs to accommodate this shift to create a seamless end-to-end view of the network from a single governance model.

With VNS from Nuage Networks, enterprises can embrace this shift with industry’s first SD-WAN 2.0 offering.

The New Enterprise Challenges in the Cloud Era

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The Multicloud Challenge

Enterprises need a single end-to-end SD-WAN solution that provides a flexible multicloud capability allowing them to program the use of compute from multiple network sources to meet their application needs.

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Scaling Challenge

Enterprises need an SD-WAN solution that is ready to scale for the deluge of 5G and IoT-enabled devices and industrial systems that require advanced 5G and edge compute networking.

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The Security Challenge

Enterprises need an SD-WAN solution that can protect their network from within its perimeter by implementing SW-defined security measures for each application across the entire network.

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The Branch Virtualization Challenge

Enterprises need an SD-WAN solution that can provide a holistic approach to securely managing the connectivity of VNFs and their host uCPEs from the same governance model.

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The Remote Worker Challenge

Enterprises need to find ways to embrace the growing number of home teleworkers and mobile users through a common policy and control framework.

How SD-WAN 2.0 Solves these Challenges

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Seamlessly Connect Your Clouds

SD-WAN 2.0 provides a seamless end-to-end “overlay” network or abstracted forwarding plane that can intelligently interconnect private data centers (DCs), SaaS clouds, public clouds, and branch locations from a single governance model. This end-to-end overlay depends on having a seamless underlay transport network beneath it, which may consist of various diverse transport segments like IP/MPLS links, internet broadband, or even mobile transport options like 3G.

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Massive Scale with Consistent Performance

SD-WAN 2.0 is built from the ground up using the Service Router Operating System (SR OS). SR OS is proven worldwide as the world’s leading service routing OS and when leveraged for SD-WAN it will scale and grow enterprise networks without performance degradations. SD-WAN 2.0 provides massive scale in the dimensions of branches, L2 and L3 VPN tunnels, and application support.

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Secure Your Network Infrastructure

SD-WAN 2.0 leverages security functions such as L3-L4 Firewall, native IDS/IPS, L7 application and SaaS Control, Web/URL Filtering, end-to-end micro-segmentation and support for third-party security vendors and cloud security functions. It supports Gartner’s SASE model and is very versatile and flexible, ranging from on-prem embedded security, security in the cloud, SECaaS, integration with cloud access security brokers (CASB) and hybrids of all these functional models. Discover our SD-Security solution.

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Virtualize Your Network

With SD-WAN 2.0, IT managers can leverage the same infrastructure and governance model to host and manage third party VNFs on Nuage Networks Network Services Gateway family of uCPE devices. Leveraging service chaining techniques the network can be programmed to ensure that each application packet flow receives the precise service treatment it needs to optimize network performance and application SLAs.

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Extend your SD-WAN to home teleworkers and mobile users

SD-WAN 2.0 can be extended into the home office to enable seamless teleworking. In addition by partnering with Asavie, SD-WAN is extended to enterprise mobile users. In both cases SD-WAN 2.0’s single network governance model is extended to provide control and visibility from a single platform. Learn more about SD-WAN for Mobile and IoT.

From Zero to Hero with SD-WAN

See John implement an SD-WAN in minutes, easily bringing cloud networking to a branch location. With Nuage Networks VNS, policy-driven network automation is your secret weapon.

Managed SD-WAN

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Powering digital transformation in the era of industry 4.0

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