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SD-WAN started as a WAN replacement strategy for enterprises focused on reducing the cost of branch connectivity via more cost-effective Internet based transport. However, as the technology matured, enterprises shifted focus from purely cost savings to how SD-WAN would provide the network foundation for their digital transformation.

What emerged was a need for second generation SD-WAN offerings, like the Nuage Networks Virtualized Network Services (VNS) that delivered on an SD-WAN 2.0 capability. SD-WAN 2.0 seamlessly links the networking islands that existed in SD-WAN 1.0, namely the island of networking between branches, the island of networking to the public and private cloud environments and the island of networking to any Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications used by the enterprise.

Nuage Networks has now extended the breadth of the SD-WAN 2.0 solution by adding seamless networking to both mobile workforce and IoT devices. In partnership with Asavie, a leader in secure Enterprise Mobility and IoT Connectivity services, Nuage Networks brings the industry’s first SD-WAN solution that covers all the key technology domains of the enterprise, including branch, cloud, SaaS, clientless mobile and IoT devices into the same SD-WAN powered policy and control framework.

In the digital enterprise, workloads are moving to multi-cloud and SaaS, with the endpoint estate diversifying to include a heavy reliance on the cloud hosted enterprise applications connecting to an increasing number of mobile employees and IoT devices. As a result, CIOs and IT teams are struggling to orchestrate and enforce uniform security and compliance policies across distributed workloads and management silos of branch, cloud, mobile and IoT network endpoints.

The Nuage SD-WAN 2.0 solution unifies the management of branch, cloud, mobile and IoT networking within the enterprise with SD-WAN offering enterprise CIOs uniform visibility and control without any compromise on security or performance.

What is it?

  1. Centralized network, security and business policy control that spans the branch, cloud (public and private environments), cloud application (SaaS), mobile and IoT devices.
  2. Clientless networking support for mobile and IoT devices that removes the complexity and cost of VPN client and VPN concentrator equipment from the IT environment.
  3. Consistent network visibility and control regardless of the location of the endpoint be that in a branch, in the cloud or on the move via a mobile employee.


  1. Automated branch, cloud and mobile/IoT connectivity.
  2. Simplified, fast access to cloud applications regardless of location with consistent enforcement of business and secure policies.
  3. Seamless connection to enterprise applications in private cloud / data center environments for employees without the need for VPN clients or centrally managed VPN concentrators.
nuage sd wan with mobile iot 1024x768 1

Solution overview

Enterprises need a business-wide network that connects their employees, regardless of their location to their business applications, regardless of the applications location. What is needed is a seamless SD-WAN 2.0 solution that provides the management and visibility to setup an agile network fabric that connects these employees to their business applications.

This solution removes the traditional barriers to seamless networking that forced enterprise networking into isolated ‘islands of networking’. Examples of these islands included the branch to branch wide area network (WAN), the private data center, and the path to the public cloud for hosting or to access any hosted SaaS applications.

SD-WAN 2.0 removes these islands of networking functionality by linking them via centralized policy management, thus providing an automated overlay that connects these disparate networks together and drives the communication paths for the digital transformation of the enterprise.

Excluded up until today had been the mobile workforce and their corporate or BYOD handsets and devices, and the emerging IoT devices in use at the enterprise.

For mobile devices a separate environment that connected the device to the corporate IT systems was put in place. Due to the nature of entering the business from an untrusted public Internet connection, this involved the deployment of additional security measures including VPN clients and concentrators, authentication systems and firewalls.

Mobile Device Management systems alleviated the problem for some IT assets, particularly the public cloud hosted and SaaS applications but for any core IT systems in the data center or private cloud, VPN access was required.

A similar story exists for any IoT sensors and devices at the enterprise, the difference being that unlike the mobile ecosystem with its predominant IOS and Android powered devices the IoT world includes a wider set of operating systems, device architectures and data transfer needs that drives complexity and siloed solutions for each IoT system implemented.

The Nuage Networks SD-WAN 2.0 solution removes this complexity by moving the mobile and IoT devices from a public IP (Internet) based transport to a private IP network within the mobile broadband network. The solution provides a private connection over a managed Access Point Name (APN) that is provided by the SD-WAN 2.0 solution.

Devices are registered to the APN and connected to the SD Edge function of the service, from there they are assigned the network, security and business policies of the enterprise and appear within the Enterprise SD-WAN service the same as any branch or cloud hosted endpoint.

Full network visibility and control is maintained through the SD-WAN 2.0 service portal where network and IT access rules are enforced. This provides the same policy-based security framework between devices and their core IT applications and allows the enterprise to invoke the application control against user groups or location types as required by their business environment. All without adding additional complexity of clients onto the remote devices.

Nuage Networks SD-WAN 2.0

Nuage Networks enables large enterprises and Communication Service Providers (CSPs) to deliver a full suite of digital transformation network services.

With SD-WAN 2.0 large enterprises and CSPs can:

  • Provide an infrastructure that enables enterprises to implement their own unique multi-cloud strategy that intelligently spans private data centers, SaaS clouds, public clouds, branch locations, and their mobile workforce and IoT assets from a single governance model with no restrictions.
  • Leverage one of the world’s leading carrier grade IP routing stacks in SR-OS to offer massive and proven scale across multiple tenants supporting more branches, more overlay L2/L3 VPN tunnels, with full mesh connectivity.
  • Apply software-defined security policies that protect laterally within the perimeter of the ever-expanding enterprise network while programming proactive dynamic threat responses to ward of security threats.
  • Hide the complexity of heterogeneous, disconnected, and diverse enterprise network islands by creating a seamless end-to-end WAN that connects private data centers, branch locations, public or private cloud services, mobile workforce and IoT assets so there are no restrictions or obstacles when the enterprise IT manager programs the network.


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