Build a private cloud with our SDN solutions

Provide public cloud functionality within the safety of your organization

In many ways, public cloud providers are setting the bar for IT within the enterprise. Many enterprise users prefer the usability, elasticity, and cost-per-usage model of public clouds. But, for security, compliance and cost control, you can’t fully adopt public cloud approaches. Instead, you need to find a private network virtualization approach that addresses the following challenges:

  • Cloud management software (CMS) and networking interoperability. The networking component must fully interoperate with the chosen CMS.

  • Enterprise-grade standards. Many of the options available are not enterprise-grade in terms of hardening, security, scalability and more.

  • Vendor interoperability, both in terms of other vendors’ products and across datacenters. You don’t want to be tied to a single datacenter or vendor. Many options, even those from large vendors, work only within a single datacenter or only for a given vendor’s products.

  • Limited flexibility. You need to be able to support multiple CSM systems and hypervisors, as well as bare metal (non-virtualized) resources. Many software-defined networking (SDN) solutions are very limited.

Why Nuage Networks is unmatched for private clouds

No forklift upgrades to existing infrastructure

Some SDN vendors force you to use their networking hardware or platforms. Our solutions let you run your private cloud on any networking or server infrastructure – no forklifts required. You can tie your heterogeneous environments together under one cloud environment.

Unified physical and virtual environments with complete visibility

We make it easy to integrate your physical networks, bare-metal applications and legacy security appliances into the cloud network.

A scalable, future-proof architecture that supports growth and flexibility

Our solutions are based on carrier-grade networking technology that drives some of the world’s largest networks. You can rest easy knowing that you’ll never outgrow Nuage Networks. We also provide open integration with platforms from other vendors, giving you more choice for all your future projects.

How we help you

Nuage Networks Virtualized Services Platform (VSP) is a non-disruptive overlay to existing virtualized and non-virtualized network resources. Because all components are virtualized, you don’t need any purpose-built networking hardware. The tie to a physical network element is replaced with a set of required network attributes. Similar to how cell phones preserve their attributes while in roaming mode, our SDN products preserve the network attributes (required network settings including security) no matter where the workload is placed. Nuage Networks VSP provides full network roaming capabilities for all your workloads.

As shown in the figure below, CMS such as OpenStack, CloudStack, and VMware orchestrates activities between the server and network layers. Nuage Networks VSP unifies all datacenters, network segments, and both virtualized and non-virtualized resources into a cohesive, manageable private cloud. Nuage Networks VSP accepts instructions from and relays information back to the CMS via plug-ins built to each CMS’s standards.

With Nuage Networks VSP, the network flexes in real time to provision workloads (typically virtual machines, or VMs) that are being instantiated or moved. Network events are used as triggers for policy-based automation capabilities. Looking at the example in the figure, we see:

  1. The CMS initiates a move request for a VM to both the server virtualization control plane (such as VMware vCenter) and Nuage Networks VSP.
  2. The server virtualization control plane initiates the move based on its policies.
  3. Nuage Networks VSP detects that the move is being initiated.
  4. Nuage Networks VSP translates the policy into required network and security attributes at Datacenter 2.
  5. The VM is automatically moved and instantiated in real time with the appropriate networking profile and consistent metadata (such as networking counters and security definitions).
Leveraging CMS orchestration with policy-based network automation
Leveraging CMS orchestration with policy-based network automation

Major benefits

Minimum time to cloud. Our products are architected to be a seamless overlay with canned, plug-in integration into and across CMS systems. With no need for custom integration, the time it takes to build a private cloud is minimized.

Maximum flexibility. You can select best-of-breed products, including open source offerings, for CMS, virtualization, core networking, load balancers, firewalls, and more. This flexibility enables your IT team to build a private cloud tailored to your needs.

Maximum asset value. Because our SDN works with your existing network assets, you’re not looking at forklift upgrades. Also, the ability to share network resources across multiple virtual networks increases resource utilization. The useful life of your network assets is extended – maximizing asset value.

Proof positive

Produban’s hybrid cloud scales to support global business

Produban, Grupo Santander’s IT company, chose Nuage Networks to build a hybrid cloud across all its datacenters. This hybrid cloud allows Produban to deliver IT-as-a-Service (ITaaS) for digital banking services worldwide.

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Global oil corporation drives down WAN costs with SD-WAN

A global oil company with exploration and production sites across US, Canada and Southern Asia uses our automated WAN controls and application-aware routing capabilities to save networking costs, bring new sites online faster and increase productivity.

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Paddy Power Betfair chooses OpenStack and Nuage Networks to master DevOps in its private cloud

We helped Betfair achieve its vision of delivering an API-driven infrastructure that encompasses compute, storage, network and application delivery. The new infrastructure allows Betfair to handle the high transactional load of its day-to-day operations (circa 2.7bn API calls and 120m transactions daily).

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Centuries-young bank builds a multinational private cloud

We’re helping a 300-year-old bank pursue new goals with a private cloud that provides real-time access to customers and trading partners. The bank's new cloud is based on OpenStack and includes components from multiple strategic partners. Our Nuage Networks VSP provides an SDN overlay that unifies the entire cloud. With a private cloud, the bank is ready to address new strategic initiatives, compete worldwide and respond to emerging trends.

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