Transform your network for multi-cloud access with Nuage SD-WAN 2.0 and SDN solutions

Provide multi-cloud functionality seamlessly from your enterprise data center to branch and to multiple public clouds

The enterprise IT is going through a journey of Digital Transformation to transform the network to facilitate the users to access not just the applications in the corporate data center but to allow the user access to the cloud and Saas Applications such as Office365, SalesForce and Gihub etc. The trend is to host the enterprise application workloads in public clouds such as Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure or Google GCP.

Nuage Networks SD-WAN 2.0 is about providing infrastructure that enables users to access applications whether they are hosted in private cloud, SaaS or public cloud IaaS. Nuage SD-WAN 2.0 supports public cloud integration with multiple solutions.

Why Nuage Networks is unmatched for private clouds

Unified SDN and SD-WAN solution

With Nuage Networks, you get the best of the both worlds, in terms of creating your own private cloud as well as creating integrations with AWS, Azure and GCP. Adhering to the classic SDN principles, our private cloud provides vendor interoperability, both in terms of other vendor’s products and across datacenters. You can tie your heterogeneous environments together under one private cloud environment.
Nuage Networks SD-WAN 2.0 lets you integrate your IT environment with public clouds such as AWS, Azure and GCP. We provide simple easy one-click way to integrate the necessary workflows to quickly and accurately integrate workloads running in the public clouds.
With AWS, Azure and GCP integrations, a branch user can have direct access to the applications running in those clouds without backhauling the traffic to the enterprise data center.

A Scalable, future-proof architecture that supports growth and flexibility

Our solutions are based on carrier-grade networking technology that drives some of the world’s largest networks. You can rest easy knowing that you’ll never outgrow Nuage Networks. We also provide open integration with platforms from other vendors, giving you more choice for all your future projects.

How we can help you

First-generation SD-WAN solutions have been limited in scope to automating and managing connectivity of branch offices, which are underserved by IP-VPN services. However, as more enterprises migrate their business applications to the cloud, they must provide seamless WAN connectivity. This includes connectivity not only between customer premises equipment at branch and regional sites, but also to their private data centers, SaaS providers and public clouds - all within a unified security and governance model. Moreover, there is demand from enterprise customers to leverage this services platform to deploy and manage Value Added Services including VoIP, Next-Generation Firewall, IoT, and WiFi Access.

Nuage Networks VNS is (VNS) platform, offering the most powerful and secure end-to-end network governance across a multi-cloud environment, with complete visibility and control from a single management interface. Nuage Networks VNS is the industry's first and only SD-WAN 2.0 offering that is more than a network connectivity platform, providing a services architecture to deliver and orchestrate enterprise IT services across data centers (private cloud), public cloud services, SaaS provider clouds and enterprise branch sites.

Nuage SD-WAN 2.0 and multi-cloud connectivity

Connect users to applications in any cloud

Major Benefits

Deployment Flexibility (Cloud Based SD-WAN).
Nuage Networks VDS, VSC and other SD-WAN core components can be deployed in AWS and SD-WAN gateways (NSGs) can be deployed in the branches.

SD-WAN Extension to public clouds.
All the major public clouds integrations such as Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google GCP are supported in Nuage Network SD-WAN solution, providing you the choice and flexibility to chose any of those public clouds.

Advanced cloud networking and integration with SD-WAN.
Nuage Networks SD-WAN gateways (NSGs) can be deployed in AWS, Azure and GCP. Advanced cloud networking topologies such as AWS Transit Gateways are supported.
AWS Transit Gateway is a service that enables customers to connect their Amazon Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs) and their on-premises networks seamlessly. Managing point-to-point connectivity across many Amazon VPCs can be time consuming to build and hard to manage when the number of VPCs grows into the hundreds. Transit VPC provides a hub and spoke model of VPCs with ability to centrally manage the connectivity policies
Nuage SDWAN supports integration with AWS Transit Gateway to provide seamless access from branches to the application workloads running in AWS. An SDWAN gateway will be instantiated in AWS that will extend the SDWAN policies all the way to AWS. The solution can be visualized as two hub and spoke networks connected through the hubs. The AWS Transit GW will be the hub for the public cloud and the Nuage gateway will be the hub for the SDWAN side. The NSG will setup a connection to the AWS transit GW and exchange routes.

Integration with Azure VirtualWAN.
Azure Virtual WAN is a networking service that provides optimized branch connectivity to applications running in Azure. Azure regions serve as hubs that you can choose to connect your branches to. Connectivity to Azure VNets is established by using virtual network connections. Nuage SDWAN provides Azure API integration and seamless workflow to connect the branch gateways to the applications workfloads/Vnets in Azure. The workflow will import the Azure parameters like Vnets, Hubs, IPSec into the SDWAN policy and create sdwan native equivalents. When a new branch is added to the SDWAN network, the network admin can go to the branch configuration and setup connectivity to the Virtual Hub and Vnets through a single configuration action.

Integration with SaaS Solutions.
SaaS applications like Zscaler security solution are integrated such that control plane and data plane traffic can be directed towards ZScaler with internet breakout. All the complicated configurations and workflows to manage Zscaler integration are done via API integrations in VSD and the user is completely shielded from the complications and is provided with a few simple clicks.

Proof positive

Produban’s hybrid cloud scales to support global business

Produban, Grupo Santander’s IT company, chose Nuage Networks to build a hybrid cloud across all its datacenters. This hybrid cloud allows Produban to deliver IT-as-a-Service (ITaaS) for digital banking services worldwide.

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Global oil corporation drives down WAN costs with SD-WAN

A global oil company with exploration and production sites across US, Canada and Southern Asia uses our automated WAN controls and application-aware routing capabilities to save networking costs, bring new sites online faster and increase productivity.

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Paddy Power Betfair chooses OpenStack and Nuage Networks to master DevOps in its private cloud

We helped Betfair achieve its vision of delivering an API-driven infrastructure that encompasses compute, storage, network and application delivery. The new infrastructure allows Betfair to handle the high transactional load of its day-to-day operations (circa 2.7bn API calls and 120m transactions daily).

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Centuries-young bank builds a multinational private cloud

We’re helping a 300-year-old bank pursue new goals with a private cloud that provides real-time access to customers and trading partners. The bank's new cloud is based on OpenStack and includes components from multiple strategic partners. Our Nuage Networks VSP provides an SDN overlay that unifies the entire cloud. With a private cloud, the bank is ready to address new strategic initiatives, compete worldwide and respond to emerging trends.

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