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Azure Virtual WAN is a networking service that provides optimized and automated branch connectivity to, and through, Azure. This service provides optimized fast path routing between onpremises, virtual appliances and Azure hosted workloads with secure connectivity using automated IPsec tunnels. Nuage Networks has collaborated with Microsoft to integrate Nuage SD-WAN with Microsoft’s Azure Virtual WAN to offer customers that have business resources in Azure to gain simple and automated connectivity to the branch. This solution will extend customers’ current ability to connect workloads running in Azure using Nuage SD-WAN and enable customers to deliver connectivity and intrinsic security from branch locations to Azure. This partnership, using SD-WAN and on-premises CPE from Nuage Networks, enables secure branch to Azure connectivity and the application traffic flowing across Microsoft powered WAN.

What is it?

  • API integration to manage Azure Virtual WAN environment from Nuage SD-WAN console
  • Secure one click connect from branch to Azure Virtual WAN
  • Simplify reachability for secure application access


  • Automated branch and WAN connectivity
  • Simplified, fast access to cloud applications
  • Integrated Security across branch to branch and branch to Azure

nuage azure virtualwan figure update

Solution overview

The users at the branch today can directly access cloud applications without the need to backhaul to the headquarters due to the advent of SD-WAN. Enterprises also use Microsoft Azure and Microsoft SaaS applications such as Office 365. To access these applications the connectivity between the branch and Azure cloud via Azure Virtual WAN needs to be secure and simplified. The configurations that need to take place at the branch as well as Azure Virtual WAN need to be automated, error-free and painless.

This integration solution solves these pain-points in an automated way. The following recommended configuration steps are automated:

  • Creating logical site and VPN connections
  • Downloading of IPSec Configurations from Azure required for Nuage CPE
  • Establishing secure IPSec connectivity by applying the downloaded IPSec VPN configurations to Nuage CPE.

This is done via API integration to manage Azure WAN environment from Nuage SD-WAN console. User at the branch only needs one click to connect the branch to Azure Virtual WAN. The one-click easy-connect feature provides simplified reachability for secure application access.

Nuage Networks SD-WAN based on Virtualized Services Platform

The Nuage Networks Virtualized Services Platform (VSP) is the industry leading network automation platform enabling a complete range of SDN, SD-WAN, and cloud solutions. VSP provides advanced network automation across networks and clouds of all sizes and architectures, from datacenter private clouds to large enterprise wide area networks (WANs) and some of the largest public clouds in the world.

Virtualized Network Services and SD-WAN 2.0

VSP enables large enterprises and Communication Service Providers (CSPs) to offer Virtualized Network Services (VNS) offering the industry’s first SD-WAN 2.0 capability. With SD-WAN 2.0 large enterprises and CSPs can:

  • Provide an infrastructure that enables enterprises to implement their own unique multicloud strategy that intelligently spans private DCs, SaaS clouds, public clouds, and branch locations from a single governance model with no restrictions,
  • Leverage one of the world’s leading routing stacks in SR OS to offer massive and proven scale across multiple tenants supporting more branches, more overlay L2/L3 VPN tunnels, with full mesh connectivity,
  • Apply software-defined security policies that protect laterally within the perimeter of the ever-expanding enterprise network while programming proactive dynamic threat responses to ward of security threats,
  • Hide the complexity of heterogeneous, disconnected, and diverse enterprise networks by creating a seamless end-to-end WAN that connects private data centers, branch locations, and public cloud services so there are no restrictions or obstacles when the enterprise IT manager programs the network.

Business benefits of integration with Azure Virtual WAN

  • Automated branch and WAN connectivity
  • Simplified, fast access to cloud applications such as Office365
  • Integrated Security across branch to branch and branch to Azure
  • Simplified workflow to support complex environments 5. Interconnecting branch to Azure cloud

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