Telco Cloud

Agile and flexible networking for your foundation services

The Nuage Networks Telco Cloud solution eases your transition to cloud-centric service delivery. It helps you provide an always-on experience to your customers regardless of their location.

Built on the Nuage Networks SDN, our solution enables you to embrace the cloud while maintaining the high levels of service resiliency, redundancy and scalability your customers expect from your brand.

With our Telco Cloud solution, you can:

  • Move from physical application hosts and network elements to a virtualized network function (VNF) based architecture that flexes to meet customers’ changing demands

  • Use software-defined networking (SDN) to virtualize and automate the network paths between VNFs and across the network to your enterprise and residential customers

  • Make a smooth transition to cloud-centric service delivery with the industry’s most complete SDN solution

  • Meet demand for always-on experiences with massively scalable virtualized networking

  • Simplify your operations by using one platform to deliver SDN across data centers, SD-WAN and the telco cloud

  • Embrace new cloud-based business models without compromising on service performance or reliability

Scalable and robust virtualized networking

To move your core service delivery platforms towards a virtualized compute and network environment, you need a solution that can deliver the scale and resiliency your business demands.

Our SDN solution combines massive scalability with reliability and redundancy across critical management, control and data plane elements. It enables you to link your core service platforms, key components and customer base with virtualized networking that meets the strictest requirements.

An SDN partner with proven telco expertise

As part of Nokia, we create and deploy large-scale critical communication solutions every day. We use our experience and leading SDN solution to make it easier to provide virtualized and automated networking for your core systems and applications.

With our help, you can build a virtualized network that supports:

  • The underlying topology that separates your internal management and operational needs
  • The control plane requirements of your internal elements
  • The data plane connections that your core applications use to support your subscribers and the inter-application requirements of your OSS and BSS

A complete SDN solution

Nuage Networks Virtualized Services Platform (VSP) is the industry’s most comprehensive SDN solution. It lets you use one platform to deliver SDN across the software-defined data center (SD-DC), software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) and the telco cloud.

With Nuage Networks VSP, you benefit from a scalable management plane, an ultra-scalable control plane, and data plane agents that cover physical (legacy network element) and virtualized endpoints across the leading hypervisor and container ecosystems.

Virtualized networking for your key service delivery platforms

We understand the internal complexity and networking requirements of service delivery platforms. We can help you deploy a virtualized network that supports your unique delivery platform deployment and provides the reliable and robust control plane communications you need to ensure service availability.

Our SDN platform handles time-sensitive control plane protocols such as BFD and VRRP in a deterministic way. It is backed by Nokia’s global team of networking experts.

By choosing Nuage Networks, you get robust and agile software-defined networking that aligns with blueprints from industry bodies such as ETSI and the Virtual Network and Network Hardware aspects of the NFVi framework.

Learn more about our Telco Cloud solution

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