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AvidThink Research Brief – Service Providers’ Carpe Diem Moment Seizing the Opportunity in SD-WAN

Executive Summary

Success in business was once guaranteed solely by creating a product or service that customers wanted at an affordable price. In the era of mobile communications, business success for online commerce and global supply chains requires the ability to deliver that product or service using a sales channel of the customer’s choosing, at a time and place they want to purchase and at a competitive price. The business environment is changing in profound ways that have significant ramifications on enterprise IT networks.

“Such a potent mix of conflicting requirements has fueled interest in SD-WAN products and services,
creating one of the fastest-growing segments in the networking business.”

Customer expectations and competition are ever increasing resulting in a flood of business data from a variety of systems and devices. This research brief discusses in great detail the challenges facing enterprise IT today, available options such as SD-WAN and the opportunity available to service providers.

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