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Cloudcast talks to Scott Sneddon, Principal Solutions Architect, Nuage Networks: Nuage Networks and the state of OpenStack Neutron

The Cloudcast #119 – OpenStack Neutron and Nuage Networks

Aaron and returning guest co-host Kenneth Hui (@hui_kenneth) talk to Scott Sneddon (@ssneddon) about the state of OpenStack Neutron as well Nuage Networks and upcoming proposed changes to Neutron.



Topic 1 – What’s your background in networking and why is Nuage Networks here at OpenStack Summit?

Topic 2 – Your LinkedIn profile says “I think we have the coolest Network Virtualization/SDN solution in the market. My job is to convince the world that I’m right.” What makes the Nuage offering different and “cool”?

Topic 3 – The Nuage VSP platform has an element called “Business Logic” in the SDN abstraction layer. This seems somewhat unique for SDN solutions (most focus on L2-L7 services). How do customers like having business logic within an IT platform? How does that translate to OpenStack plug-in’s?

Topic 4 – Playing Devil’s Advocate, since there are alot of SDN/NetVirt solutions out on the market – why work with an SDN start-up that’s based on Lucent/Alcatel technology – they aren’t considered Data Center vendors (WAN, Telephony, etc.)

Topic 5 – As a vendor that sells closed-source products, put interops with so many open-source projects (OpenStack, CloudStack, Xen, KVM, etc.) is it difficult to explain to customers how to design solutions?


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