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Packet Pushers podcast: Nuage Networks, Red Hat & container networking



Containers are a hot topic. While most people are focused on microservices, the Packet Pushers are thinking about how containers connect to a network.

What if you have containers in your private cloud and you want to use the same provisioning and monitoring tools in the public cloud? How do you set and monitor policies and performance? What does network operations look like when you don’t have a switch to configure?

Nuage Networks, maker of the Virtualized Services Platform and sponsor of today’s show, is here to address these and other questions.

Joining us are Harmeet Sahni, Director of Product Management at Nuage Networks; and Rajat Chopra, Senior Software Engineer at Red Hat.

We discuss container networking requirements for a variety of scenarios, including connecting containers on the same host, host-to-host networking, and host-to-outside world, and dig into the use of orchestration tools like Kubernetes.

We also explore the role of overlays in a container environment, look at service insertion, and more.

To get more details about Nuage Networks and containers, you can download this solutions brief from Nuage.


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