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“Enterprises want to seamlessly and effortlessly connect users with applications that reside in the branch, the data center, and the cloud. However, the ways applications are developed and deployed is becoming more varied as enterprises adopt cloud first and hybrid cloud application strategies. The hub and spoke network model is too rigid to support application demands and supporting the application dynamism with typical network tools takes a high degree of expertise just keeping the lights on. SD-WAN interconnecting locations with applications combined with seamless interconnectivity with data center SDN simplifies network administration while providing the isolation, performance management, visibility, and troubleshooting capabilities suited to addressing the dynamic needs enterprises are facing.”

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“Network challenges are coming to the fore as organizations worldwide embrace multi-cloud as a means of achieving digital-transformation objectives. Indeed, IDC finds that enterprises are thinking more comprehensively and holistically about how their networks will support the full spectrum of multi-cloud – from on-premises datacenters to IaaS and Saas public clouds and out to the branch offices and remote locations that constitute the intelligent edge. With its latest release of the Virtualized Services Platform (VSP) and its vision for SD-WAN 2.0, Nuage Networks addresses the need for secure networking across the multi-cloud landscape.”

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“The adoption of SD-WAN by enterprise grows rapidly, driven by the desire to connect branch locations and on-premises data centers with workloads placed in cloud service provider data centers and SaaS services. Effectively, enterprises are creating a Multi-cloud ecosystem.  Ensuring a high-quality user experience with applications distributed across the multi-cloud makes secure, high-performance adaptive connectivity an imperative. For 2017, the revenue to cloud service providers was over $160 billion, with revenue over $375 billion forecast for 2022. 2017 revenue for SD-WAN vendors was $475 million, and is expected to hit 3.6 billion in 2022, signaling a strong need for secure multi-cloud connectivity.  Nuage Networks SD-WAN 2.0 focus on providing a secure virtual networking fabric for the multi-cloud answers an important market requirement.”

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“As enterprise applications become more and more diverse it’s clear there is interest in IT teams in blending the capabilities of many clouds together – private and public, in IaaS, PaaS and SaaS – in secure, transparent multi-cloud service delivery platforms addressing user needs.  With its versatile and automated integration of user and application policies into the software of both private and public clouds, allowing applications to run securely in any cloud, Nuage Networks’ SD-WAN 2.0 is in a position to be that platform for its customers.”

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Roy Chua (founder and principal of AvidThink – formerly SDxCentral Research), said: “Nuage Networks has, from day one, painted a cohesive picture of a seamless virtualized network fabric from data center core to the edge, with unified access policy and end-to-end segmentation. With their SD-WAN 2.0 offering, they have taken the next step in establishing a deployable solution architecture that enterprises have been looking for, one that ensures a consistent model across private and public clouds, as well as the branch and the edge.”

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“As SD-WAN continues to accelerate to mass adoption – enterprises need to centralize policies and automation to increase simplicity while reducing operations of the services IT delivers to the line of the business unit.  Nuage Networks’ SD-WAN is the next logical step in consolidating the value of automation across DC, WAN & Public Cloud.”

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“The industry has gone through at least one generation of technology with SD-WAN deployment during that past few years” states Mike Sapien, VP & Chief Analyst, Ovum. “Nuage Networks has created its open and flexible platform for meeting requirements for multiple enterprise services in a multi-vendor environment to enable secure, reliable ICT services. Nuage’s SD-WAN 2.0 announcement with multiple clients confirms the acceptance of its platform, requirement for openness, and ability to deliver a variety of services.”

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“Appledore research believes that a single policy control plane/environment across all (or at least multiple) domains overcomes one of the most critical problems in security today – the complex, constantly changing, distributed and often manual environment that is error prone, leading to security holes.  Preventing security holes is often far more important and effective than reactively closing them. Nuage Networks SD-WAN 2.0 platform does this by managing multiple SDN/SDWAN domains therefore delivering a consistent end-to-end security solution from inside the datacenter to the cloud and the edge.”

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China Mobile is innovating an open source approach at a Fortune 500 scale. Their DevOps architecture will provide internal efficiencies today and competitive advantage in the near future. Nuage Networks openness, flexibility and scalability are critical to China Mobile’s architecture and growth plans.

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“We are excited about this latest innovation from Nuage Networks. Extending SDN network automation capabilities to BBVA cloud regions will allow us to turn up and adapt our network services in a far more timely and efficient way, streamlining operations and improving our agility by automating network connectivity and services in a policy-based fashion that aligns with our business objectives.”

produban big

Largest bank in Eurozone builds global hybrid cloud with Red Hat & Nuage Networks solution

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“With a focus on our customers, CenturyLink is transforming its network to offer businesses quick delivery of reliable and automated services, and is pushing those services where they are most needed – at the edge of our network. This fundamental architectural shift will enable dynamic delivery of scalable services for customers and provide even more differentiated services in the future.”

award gartner

“Large enterprises seeking an SD-WAN solution with a very high degree of branch office network flexibility, as well as the ability to integrate network service delivery end to end, should consider Nuage Networks.” — Bjarne Munch, Principal Research Analyst

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“With a focus on our customers, CenturyLink is transforming its network to offer businesses quick delivery of reliable and automated services, and is pushing those services where they are most needed – at the edge of our network. This fundamental architectural shift will enable dynamic delivery of scalable services for customers and provide even more differentiated services in the future.”


“Standing on its own within the SDN overlay market is Nuage Networks.  While the rest of the market is tackling hybrid cloud issues or hybrid WAN connections at the branch office, Nuage is the first to align to Forrester’s third VNI tenet — an enterprise-wide fabric of horizontally interconnected components.”

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“Nuage, in existence for only 3 years, is already placing with Cisco and VMware as a top SDN vendor in our 2015 Data Center SDN Strategies: Global Service Provider Survey. With its distinct vision on cloud service delivery and innovation providing a coordinated SDN NVO and SD-WAN solution, Nuage has the potential to be a market revenue leader.”

award crn

Top 10 SDN Market Leaders In The Data Center And Enterprise In 2016

“Nuage Networks is a valued channel partner to Red Hat, and we are pleased to honor them with this well-deserved award.  We look forward to our continued relationship with Nuage Networks and helping them provide the best in open source solutions to their customers.”

“This innovative platform was a hit with readers due to its ability to provide operational visibility that customers need as they expand their SDN-based networks and services.”

sdn nfv 2016 award

Best Practice Award of 2015 by the SDN/NFV Industry Alliance at China SDN/NFV Conference 2016

frost sullivan

“The VSAP, through a route-monitoring module, listens to the underlying physical routers from multiple vendors, to understand network status and provide users a graphical insight into underlay network status, including topology changes that might affect the overlay SDN services. This capability helps with fault correlation between the physical and virtual constructs, and is unique to Nuage Networks.”

award crn

The 10 Coolest Software-Defined Networking Technologies Of 2016

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“Our strategy for next-generation WAN connectivity to cloud-based services is perfectly aligned with Nuage Networks SD-WAN technology. Leveraging their Virtualized Network Services platform will accelerate the delivery of our services and will help our customers significantly reduce their WAN costs through greater operational efficiency, IT automation and faster deployments”

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“TOTVS Intera is already a winning commercial model and was very well received by the market. The cloud-based access is essential to give our current and potential customers the agility and mobility they need to run their businesses without needing to invest in their own infrastructure. Taking all this in consideration, we are making sure that we will have the power to serve this significant demand – no matter how much it continues to grow.”

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“We picked Nuage Networks from Nokia because of their years of experience delivering scalable and highly programmable Software Defined Networking (SDN) solutions. This, along with our own expertise, means we’ll be able to offer best-in-class solutions to give our customers the best possible service”

current analysis

“The real value of SDN comes from the integration between the programmable network and external applications. Attracting software developers to an SDN platform means providing the tools, including APIs, SDKs, documentation and a sandbox that they can easily use to develop and test their integration. Nuage Networks eXperience provides the services necessary for partners and customer developers to build and test integration in a continuous and confident way.”

forrester badge

Nuage Networks named “Breakout Vendor” in newest Forrester research report on Virtual Network Infrastructure, where Nuage Networks Virtualized Services Platform (VSP) was recognized as the “go-to solution” for companies adopting containers, openstack and other open platforms and hardware

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“Nuage is a very versatile and flexible platform for us. The vendor creates the possibility to make our own service creation and has a nice set of well enabling SDN capabilities, it enables us to create our own service definition and then configurations and policies to implement those in practice. We are really building software based solutions to our customers, this is just a start.”

article e1494415035341

To meet rapidly emerging business requirements for agility and on-demand deployments, we firmly moved to build our business connectivity services around a new Telco cloud-based architecture. Nuage Networks provided us with a highly scalable SD-WAN architecture that could support all our services across all our regions without disruption. We are confident our customers will be pleased with these new cloud-based services.

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Nuage Networks SD-WAN solution wins ONUG 2017 security innovation award for a security architecture that is intent based and wraps policy around workloads, independent upon host model that is bare metal, hypervisor, container and serverless. A solution where policy enforcement is local to the workload and independent upon its physical location be it on or off premises.

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