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Your end users are demanding clouds that rival major public cloud providers’ offerings. But network limitations are hampering IT flexibility. Software Defined Networking from Nuage Networks can give you the best of both worlds – responsiveness and choice.

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Service Provider

You face increased competition from industry giants, a shortage of skilled staff and shrinking margins. Our Software Defined Networking products deliver the flexibility you need to include network services in your revenue mix – and the profitability to make it worthwhile.

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Our SDN portfolio unifies Cloud Management Software virtualization environments and bare metal resources into a cohesive yet flexible cloud network. By improving efficiency, resiliency, and security, our products enable networks to be built and operated at any scale across any cloud.

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What people are saying about Nuage Networks Technology


Brad Casemore, Research Director, Datacenter Networks at IDC comments that: “In recent customer surveys and market engagements, IDC has noted that overlay-based network virtualization is drawing interest and adoption from a growing constellation of customers with increasingly virtualized application workloads. Perhaps not surprisingly, Nuage Networks also has gained significant momentum since its launch a year ago, achieving customer adoption at large enterprises, cloud providers, and traditional telecom providers. With a common policy framework that addresses both virtualized and physical workloads, Nuage Networks is tackling a range of hybrid cloud environments that require an underlying network infrastructure capable of supporting secure multi-tenant services.”


"It would not be an exaggeration to say that Nuage Networks has contributed mightily to parent company Alcatel-Lucent’s resurgence. Stratecast knew, when selecting Nuage for its 10 to Watch in 2014, that the company’s initial focus and impact would be in the enterprise cloud. However, we believed that impact would create sufficient awareness in telecom operations that it would be worth watching. Nuage did not disappoint. After much success in enterprise and cloud networks, Sunil Khandekar, CEO of Nuage Networks, announced in the fall of 2014 that it was time for Nuage to expand its scope to branch networking (SDN in all branches of networks, not just data centers), and help CSPs embrace the cloud and SDN to better address the needs of the enterprise market in this way." - Tim McElligott, Senior Consulting Analyst at Stratecast, a division of Frost & Sullivan.

ACG Research

Paul Parker-Johnson, who leads ACG’s cloud computing and data center virtualization market research said, "On its first birthday Nuage has much to celebrate and much to look forward to as well. It has delivered on its founding visions of multi-hypervisor, open orchestration, open networking and diverse physical + virtual system integrations. It has earned its place in demanding customer cloud and virtual data center environments such as TELUS, Numergy, NTT and UPMC. And with its robust policy and protocol assets it is poised to tackle growing customer requirements for multi-data center, multi-cloud integration; expanded use of policies in service automation; and growth in deployment of virtual network functions in SP cloud and data center services. Addressing those challenges will require the type of imagination, problem solving, multi-disciplinary talent, and concentration on customer critical success factors that Nuage has demonstrated to date."


“As they transition to a virtualized server environment and cloud services, data center operators are looking for a networking platform that supports operational efficiency and can quickly adapt to application needs. Nuage Networks has responded to this requirement with a programmable SDN-based solution to virtualize and automate networks that can work in open environments. Data center operators should find the Nuage Networks solution intriguing.” David Krozier, Principal Analyst, Ovum

Infonetics Research

“The term “SDN” has different meanings for various groups. However, with Nuage Networks, Alcatel-Lucent’s strategy seems to be taking a bigger, more holistic approach, in essence redefining how both carrier and enterprise networks are built. In my view, Nuage Networks will allow operators to incorporate, operate, and provision data center cloud services as an integral part of their network services, rather than as an “attachment” to their network.” Michael Howard, Principal Analyst & Co-Founder, Infonetics Research


“We are pleased to implement the Nuage Networks product suite in our cloud infrastructure. The Nuage Networks SDN technology allows us to address key performance and compatibility requirements for an open environment. This will allow us to virtualize our infrastructure and to offer our customers cloud services in a more dynamic way.” Erik Beauvalot, Chief Operating Officer, Numergy.


“UPMC has been a leader in virtualizing our data centers to provide fast, reliable and flexible services to our clinicians and other customers in a rapidly changing healthcare landscape. With the Nuage Networks SDN solution, we hope to further our strategy of using smart technology to support patient-centered, accountable care.” Bill Hanna, Vice President of IT Infrastructure at UPMC.


“At Exponential-e we are operating in a very competitive market and pride ourselves on delivering the most innovative and differentiated services. As such, we are pleased to trial the Nuage Networks SDN solution to meet the dynamic needs of our customers.” Mukesh Bavisi, Managing Director, Exponential-e


“We are pleased to implement Nuage Networks with OpenStack in our cloud infrastructure. The Nuage Networks SDN technology allows us to offer our customers cloud services in a more dynamic way, giving them the capability to reduce their time-to-market with a programmable and automated networking environment,” Octave Klaba, CEO of OVH.

Infonetics Research

“From our SDN surveys, enterprises and global service providers understand that automation through network abstraction will deliver benefits in operational efficiency and shorter time to new revenue. A hybrid architecture integrating virtualized and non-virtualized infrastructure will make SDN practical now. The Nuage Networks 7850 Virtualized Services Gateway fits this market requirement for a high performance gateway using time-tested software on performance optimized hardware. Nuage Networks is an innovative entrant in the SDN market that will grow over the next decade.” Cliff Grossner Ph.D., Directing Analyst Data Center and Cloud, Infonetics

Nuage Networks Virtualized Network Services (VNS) – Bring the cloud to the branch in 3 easy steps

Watch this video to see how easy it is to onboard a new location in the enterprise network environment.
#1. Configure the network.
#2. Courier the branch image or device.
#3. Authenticate the device to the network once received.
And "we are done"! Just 3 easy steps to launch Nuage Networks Virtualized Network Services.

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The cloud can be more than what it is. In fact, it needs to be. When we founded Nuage Networks, it was with the idea that it’s time for the cloud to come of age. From the beginning we recognized the unique challenges that cloud service providers and large enterprises face delivering and managing large, multi-tenant cloud. While the virtualization of compute and storage has evolved quickly, the network simply has not kept up. The result is that today your cloud is being held back. And so is your business.

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