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Hey, Nice Work, Nuage Networks!

We all love getting recognized for doing good, that happy feeling you get when someone says ‘nice work’; nothing beats it.

Striving for recognition is ingrained into us all. For most of us it harks back to our earliest days in school. Getting summoned to the front of the assembly for that gold star because you spelt buldoser correctly.

As we grow so does the desire to get the reinforcement that what you have created is recognized as leading the market. It’s a proof point that your hard yards are valued and that your solution shines above all others in its particular field.

There are many ways that this recognition manifests itself but to me, the most important recognition comes from the people within the industry who see real business value from your solution to call it out as their choice.

Gaining the recognition of an industry group from the market that you compete in holds a special value. Firstly the judging panel generally consists of a wide and diverse set of industry players including new and existing customers, analysts and the media. And secondly their independent position within the industry covers an incredible breadth of real-world experiences across multiple geographies and their votes will not have been placed lightly.

So to get notified in early November that Nuage Networks had been shortlisted for the Telecom Asia Reader’s Choice and Innovation Awards in the category of Datacenter Innovation of the Year we were over the moon.

The shortlist included industry giants in IT and datacenters so to get nominated by an independent readership across the major geographies of Asia Pacific meant a lot to us.

However the announcement last night in Singapore that Nuage Networks had been selected as the Datacenter Innovation of the Year Winner completely blew us away.

It’s recognition that the customers who live and breathe IT and datacenters view our solution positively. To us its an important reference point that validates the issues the industry is facing with the move to the cloud, the virtualization of compute and the lagging network foundation in the datacenter that is hindering the agility for widespread cloud service adoption.

There is a lot of hype around Software Defined Networking so winning the award in the datacenter category reiterates to us that our strategy and focus is spot on. The industry needs the power of SDN applied in the right places where it makes the most sense and in 2013 and moving into 2014, that place is the datacenter network and the seamlessly federation of the datacenter out to the wide area network.

To the readership of Telecom Asia, thank you for the recognition that we are on the right track. We are ecstatic to win the award and it will sit with pride of place in our offices and for me I think its time that tarnished gold star for spelling bulldozer finally gets benched.

A full listing of the shortlist for each category is available at the Telecom Asia Insight Summit site at:


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