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Introducing New Team Member! The Wonderful, The Fabulous…Michael Williams

Meet Michael, Product Marketing Manager at Nuage Networks! We’ll let him disclose the rest. Read on:

Michael’s Background 

I was born in a modest-sized farming community (albeit also having Space, Government, and Education industries) in New Mexico. There I learned that plain speaking is a virtue indeed – a trait that I am proud to uphold today. I picked up an Engineering degree at Stanford and a MBA at Santa Clara. I have worked both at large companies (IBM, Cisco, HDS) and at innovative startups – the leader in Web analytics (during the .com boom), an early pioneer in the Cloud (back when we called it Grid – that should help many pinpoint the timeframe), and a number of innovative networking and storage technology companies. My goal at every venture, including Nuage Networks, has been to disrupt the industry in favor of providing better business capabilities and better value to customers.

About My Blog Philosophy

My blog posts will explore market and business trends revolving around IT in general, SDN in particular, and of course how Nuage Networks fits into the ecosystem. In terms of style, this blog will eschew technobabble (say that five times quickly!?!?) and instead will be in the style that I use to communicate to my friends and family from my home town in New Mexico – sans accent of course!

Tweet with Michael at @MichaeWilliams.

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