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Network Field Day 12 at Nuage Networks

Last week Nuage Networks participated in Network Field Day (NFD12), a bi-annual tour of leading networking experts and bloggers through Silicon Valley and San Francisco catching up on the latest and greatest trends in cloud networking and security. The event was streamed online, but for those that missed it, the recordings of the presentations and demos, and the slides themselves are captured below.

We made several new announcements and previewed some upcoming features, so it’s well worth paying attention. Particularly, Sunil unveiled Nuage X, a hosted VSP environment for testing, integration, learning and trials, which will go live in August. Hari Krishnan thoroughly covered our security capabilities in VSP, including microsegmentation, and unannounced analytics and monitoring capabilities (with automated remediation even). The new security demo is really cool! Harmeet Sahni wrapped up by showing our support for Docker containers and our integration with Kubernetes for network orchestration. A lot of the Kubernetes technology is so new, the NFD delegates really learned a lot and realized they’ll have to study up some more for the next trip.

Enjoy the presentations below:

Presentations available on Slideshare:

Sunil intro and information on Nuage X (

Hari’s presentation on Security in VSP:

Harmeet’s presentation on Kubernetes and Docker:

Youtube Videos of Network Field Day presentations and demos:

Sunil Intro Video (25 mins): 

Hari’s Presentation on Software Defined Security and Tech Preview of Coming Security Features (21 mins):

Hari’s Demo of new Security Analytics and Monitoring capability (18 mins): 

Harmeet’s Presentation of Kubernetes and Docker container integration (22 mins):

Harmeet’s Docker and Kubernetes demo (23 mins):

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