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Network Field Day 8 (NFD8) Recap – Nuage Networks Gets STUD Rating!

This blog follows up on the “FUD, DUD, or STUD” blog. As a quick recap, being in marketing, I review a LOT of content and typically categorize it as Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt (FUD) messaging, little to no meat (DUD) fluff, or beefy, real-world (STUD) solutions.  To put Nuage Networks’ latest, shipping release (3.0) to the “FUD, DUD, or STUD” test, Nuage Networks’ Founders Sunil Khandekar, CEO, Dimitri Stiliadis, CTO, and Florin Balus, VP of PM, discussed and demoed how our software provides fundamentally new capabilities and benefits at Network Field Day 8, part of the Tech Field Day event series. The event was held last week on Thursday 9/11.

Here is a recap of tweets from the session:

  • Ryan Booth ‏@that1guy_15 24 @nuagenetworks #NFD8 demo is impressive and I really like the flexibility of working with multiple vendors. Good job guys/gals!
  • Geraint Jones ‏@nexus_monkey_nz This is so freaking awesome – YAML/JSON definitions. Well done @nuagenetworks #NFD8
  • Lindsay Hill ‏@northlandboy @BobMcCouch Yup. @nuagenetworks is really nailing it with this demo. #NFD8
  • Ethan Banks ‏@ecbanks The very best SDN tools & apps are about making the network disappear while it still does amazing things. @nuagenetworks #NFD8
  • Geraint Jones ‏@nexus_monkey_nz @nuagenetworks stuff certainly looks awesome #NFD8
  • Marten Hauville ‏@martenhauville Amazing what @nuagenetworks doing with LXC/Docker for network/multi-tenancy watch live now at #NFD8 from
  • Josh Kittle ‏@ciscovoicedude @mrtugs @subnetwork @nuagenetworks I’m gonna need a cigarette after this… Im impressed to say the least! #NFD8
  • John ‏@mrtugs RT @subnetwork: @nuagenetworks is showing off. that is all. #NFD8 < If you’ve got it, flaunt it, right?
  • Josh Kittle ‏@ciscovoicedude @subnetwork @nuagenetworks I’m almost jumping out of my seat at the scale of the demo he’s getting ready to launch #NFD8 #fnhuge
  • Bob McCouch ‏@BobMcCouch @nuagenetworks Dealing with customers that actually have 300k VMs etc. Many others have small deployments that are “supposed” to scale #NFD8
  • Jonathan Davis ‏@subnetwork “@jamesmcinroe: While others talk about future support for containers @nuagenetworks supports them today! #NFD8”
  • Bob McCouch ‏@BobMcCouch RT @amyengineer: @BobMcCouch @nuagenetworks indeed – feels much less theory and much more been-there-done-that… << EXACTLY. #NFD8
  • David Gee ‏@LSP42 Nice to see @dstiliadis actually doing real stuff in real time being a real engineer as well as a C level character. Impressive. #NFD8
  • Matt Oswalt ‏@Mierdin What grabs me about Nuage’s “BGP Federation” strategy is that it’s useful not only for scale but also provides a multi-DC story #nfd8
  • David Gee ‏@LSP42 Even the napkins are cool cc / @nuagenetworks

Here is a recap of more in-depth session discussions:

Taken as a whole, I would say Nuage Networks received a solid STUD rating! The presentation can be streamed here. Tune in and see for yourself!

Tweet with Michael at @MichaeWilliams.

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