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No Workload Left Behind

Every CIO appreciates the value of agility, security and efficiency. It’s all about providing their user groups the flexibility to quickly turn up applications, while making best use of IT and networking resources to optimize investment, without compromising the security and compliance considerations that are critical to running the business.

As they move to the cloud, SDN will help them achieve this, right? Virtualized server infrastructure now benefits from instantaneous network instantiation through policy-based automation. Nuage Networks has shattered the boundaries that constrained first-generation solutions, allowing workloads to be placed or moved anywhere within or across datacenters, with secure & seamless connectivity to private clouds and branch office locations. Templates and application topologies can be set up once and used many times, with user groups leveraging private slices of the network to control resources as allowed by established IT policies.

That’s great. But wait. Not all of the servers and appliances are virtualized yet. In fact, in aggregate we aren’t even halfway there. But as that transition continues, what if those workloads could get the same benefits? Now they can!

There are various options for supporting bare metal (non-virtualized) servers and appliances. They include software gateways, hardware VTEP devices, and high-performance gateways.

Each of these options is viable across the spectrum of datacenter environments, and Nuage Networks covers the full range. The Nuage VRS-G is a software gateway that has been shipping since May of this year as part of the Nuage VSP solution. We have also been working closely with third party hardware VTEP partners within our ecosystem to meet the needs of our customers.

For large datacenters and colo/hosting environments where the number of bare metal servers rises dramatically, we observed that a new category of high-performance gateways is required. This calls for a class of equipment that can be used by physical end-points to join virtual networks while maintaining the same L2/L3 feature set available for virtual end points.  Further, the platform must be complemented by an application sandbox for monitoring & management tools. All of course with the proven operational track record and appropriate economics expected for deployment in the cloud datacenters of today and tomorrow.

Nuage Networks has set the bar by delivering exactly that with the 7850 Virtualized Services Gateway (VSG). The 7850 VSG provides a terabit of capacity in a single RU with full L2 & L3 virtualization support for massive multi-tenancy and an integrated Linux sandbox and cloud-friendly interfaces to web scale configuration management systems.

Nuage Networks has paved the way with a solution that delivers the value of policy-based automation and extends the power of SDN across all of your datacenter assets, virtualized and bare metal alike.

Now policies that are established by the CIO can be instantiated and enforced across all of the company’s assets, within or across private or shared datacenter facilities, regardless of whether the servers or appliances are virtualized or not. In fact, application requirements for key verticals will dictate that some applications run on bare metal for many years to come.

As Nuage Networks removes the constraints and boundaries that have hindered the network from being as responsive and instantaneous as applications need them to be, delivering policy-based auto-instantiation across the full breadth of assets will ensure that no workload is left behind.



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