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Nuage Networks Helps Networks That Help Save Lives

No one doubts that networks have made our lives richer and better. But there are networks, and then there are networks. Lives truly hang in the balance of some networks, including those of UPMC. As a leading healthcare provider, they serve millions of folks like you and me every year. They’re also on the leading edge of research to make better health a reality. Their datacenters house and move petabytes of data (more than 5 PB in fact) on a daily basis. As they modernize what is already a first-rate infrastructure, we’re very proud that innovations from Nuage Networks are a key part of their deployment.

In support of the many applications that their user groups rely on each day, and the important and sensitive imaging and telemetry information that they depend on, the network infrastructure that is at the heart of their datacenters and the people who run them without interruption are often unsung heroes. We’re helping make their jobs a little easier, and their output a lot more efficient. Helping them reduce the elapsed time to respond to changes from days and weeks to minutes and hours. Ensuring that datacenter network connectivity for the data they depend on and the applications they run are instantaneously available to the teams they serve.

That’s what makes the shift in mindset from traditional configuration-driven networks to agile software-defined networks so powerful. The notion that network connectivity follows instantaneously in a policy-driven way, eliminating delays and potential for errors. Furthermore, in scenarios like the modernization of UPMC’s backup network, the reality of non-virtualized (or “bare metal”) infrastructure is clearly apparent. The ideal approach provides network automation across the scope and scale of bare metal assets while ultimately extending that same capability seamlessly across virtualized workloads as well, without compromising control or visibility.

That’s the power of SDN, and that’s what Nuage Networks has delivered UPMC with our Virtualized Services Platform (VSP) and 7850 Virtualized Services Gateway (VSG).

We are very proud to be a part of UPMC’s datacenter network as they embrace SDN, and that our virtualization technology helps them as they positively impact the lives of so many.

Bill Hanna of UPMC and Sunil Khandekar, CEO Nuage Networks discuss the recent announcement of UPMC deploying the Nuage Networks Virtualized Services PlatformListen to the podcast.

View the Press Release at: UPMC Selects Nuage Networks



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