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Nuage Networks Professional Services + Red Hat Consulting: Your ‘must-have’ navigation tool for IT transformation to SDN-enabled hybrid cloud solutions

Guest blog by Chadie Ghadie, Director, Professional Services PLM, Nuage Networks and Tom Anderson, Director, North American Cloud Practice, Red Hat

Having spoken to many customers in the last year, a common message we hear is that enterprise IT is becoming increasingly complicated with multiple inter-working systems. This is the nature of how these systems were built over multiple years, or cobbled together following mergers or acquisitions.

With the shift to cloud, these IT systems have become even more complicated, as all types of hardware systems become abstracted. In addition, there is the requirement for global access to these enterprise IT systems, and equally the fact that these systems are seeping into the global public cloud.

The Nuage Networks Virtualized Services Platform (VSP), integrated with Red Hat Enterprise Linux Open Stack Platform, provides a feature set that allows enterprises to transform their IT infrastructure to hybrid cloud; while also maintaining the connectivity to any bare metal assets or legacy datacenters where needed.

These trends are taking place at a time when IT needs to become more agile, dynamic, and business oriented. There is also a need to provide the flexibility, scalability and management of the cloud from the existing infrastructure already in place, to support the current business operations. And all these infrastructures are heterogeneous in nature, spanning bare metal and virtual workloads, to run the applications the business needs to operate.

As CIOs manage this multi-vector IT transformation, deploying IT infrastructures is no longer made on a resource-by-resource decision. Hardware, software and system integrations have become so intertwined that these decisions can no longer be made discretely.

Having the right consulting services will bring together the necessary solutions that CIOs need to support their IT transformation to the cloud, their migration to SDN-enabled cloud solutions, all while optimizing their IT for the business. To meet these goals, Nuage Networks Professional Services and Red Hat Consulting have teamed up and combined their respective service offerings to enable the successful deployment of SDN-based hybrid cloud solutions.

Based on the activities we have completed just in the past year and the feedback received from customers; together Nuage Networks and Red Hat have the right consulting services offerings to meet customer demands and needs.

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