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Nuage Networks and Oracle OpenStack

I am “advertising averse.”  I use DVRs to blast through promotional material and am a paying customer of AdBlock, which I use all of my browsers.  That’s another way of saying that I am not your regular product shill. If I am vouching for something, it is because it is worthwhile.

Recently Nuage Networks and Oracle announced a partnership.  The crux of the partnership is:

  • Oracle is distributing its own hardened version of OpenStack for enterprises
  • Nuage Networks is the first, and currently the only, SDN platform to complete the Oracle OpenStack offering

In other words, F500 companies now have access to the best of all worlds with hardened (unbreakable?) enterprise-grade OpenStack and the most stable, scalable, and performant SDN solution from Nuage Networks.


Nuage Networks and Oracle are demonstrating this powerful combination at Oracle Open World from 9/28 through 10/2.  To see the demo, please stop by the Oracle Linux and Virtualization Showcase (Moscone South #611) and look for the Nuage Networks booth.

There is also a session at the “Scene and Be Heard” theatre on 9/29 at 11:00 AM.  That marvelous talk is happening at Moscone South Exhibit Hall Booth 313.  I hope to see you there.


Twitter: @amir_sharif


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