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Operationalization – The Cure to Overcoming PTSDN*

On a bright spring day just three years back we found ourselves in Portland, at the rapidly growing OpenStack Summit. ONUG had also just been formed, an organization that would grow just as rapidly in its appeal and influence. Open was the way, and the game was on. “I don’t care that it’s SDN. I care only if it solves my problem in an open way,” asserted one of the pioneers of the ONUG community repeatedly as wave after wave of “SDN-washing” rippled around him. The industry was certainly on to something, striving to make quanta of networking as easy to consume and manipulate as compute and storage had become. But as in most new technologies, early over-exuberance had some unintended consequences. “PTSDN”, an affliction that arises from persistent overexposure to generic SDN lingo and causes a range of adverse allergic reactions, kicked in even as good work by technologists continued for several years…

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