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Random thoughts from the CloudStack Collaboration Conference Europe 2014

Disclaimer from Shashi: These are just my own random thoughts with a few sprinklings of refined marketing to promote my company (#nuagenetworks) and team. Follow me on Twitter at @shi_sha_

Lack of sleep due to jetlag can have many side effects. One of them is the random thoughts that pop up into your head when you are staring at the ceiling in a dark, luxurious hotel room. The accumulation of random thoughts is a boon to mankind – well, kind of. You could discover a totally ground breaking idea that could make you the richest, most famous person on earth. Or, like me, you could just have random thoughts that make you more friends in the social media. Anyway, these are just a collection of random observations from Budapest, if you couldn’t make it because your company was too cheap to fly you here or you have not a twinkling of interest in CloudStack’ish or any technology whatsoever.

I am glad to be in Budapest with my team. I can now proudly state that I have traveled to 57 countries (or was it 28? Ugh never mind – a lot). I really like being here at the CloudStack conference, #ccceu2014.

It is a relatively smaller event than the other ‘stack’ party that happened a few weeks ago. This smart, small crowd is friendly and you can actually ask stupid questions like – ‘Can you create some blue clouds with CloudStack so we can get some sunshine in here?’

There is a larger percentage of women attending – or may be I counted the hotel staff as well (?). I am no feminist, but I would like to see a different human form factor on stage – the woman speaker/presenter. It doesn’t matter what the topic is – ‘How to keep your kids dry on a cloudy day with CloudStack’ OR ‘How to be heard over a thundering male cacophony with CloudStack ‘Cloud-horn’ (ok, I made that up, but you get the pint. Yikes, I mean point).

The speakers are a lot more endearing and humorous. So, one could actually look at all the code on the screen and not have that glazed look, 10 seconds in.

The food is good and we collected some great goodies so far. The coffee and tea are just mediocre. My team is craving for some hot masala chai and samosas – but we are hanging in there.

The best part of being at the #ccceu2014 is the Nuage Networks dream team. A quiet, unassuming bunch that watches and listens – no egos, no trumpeting of horns until we unleash the fury of our Nuage VSP (and no, we just don’t do BGP, MPLS). We don’t care what hypervisors you deploy or what brand of coffee you like. Nuage VSP provides network connectivity period – no questions asked. Stop by, say hi, ask questions – you will like what you hear and see. The total Nuage experience.

Nuage Networks team attending CloudStack: Jonas Vermeulen, Pradeep Jain, Sanjeev Singh, Scott Sneddon, Shiv Gurunathan, Suresh Ramamurthy, Shashi Sastry.


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