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SD-WAN 2.0: the delivery of enterprise IT services across any network and cloud

First generation SD-WAN solutions (SD-WAN 1.0) have focused on delivering automated IP connectivity and WAN management across different transport types.

These deployments were primarily constrained within the WAN itself and overlooked the end-to-end aspect of service delivery. Since then, enterprise IT needs have rapidly shifted to accommodate multi-cloud capabilities, leading to many models for enterprises to consume cloud services.  This environment has created a new set of requirements that legacy SD-WAN 1.0 deployments were not designed to address.

We’ve developed SD-WAN 2.0, which expands the SD-WAN 1.0 paradigm to a cloud based platform, delivering diverse IT services for modern enterprises. It transcends connectivity and allows enterprises to offer IT services across any IP-based networks.

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