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How Nuage Networks is Taking SDN from Hype to Production

Watch the session recording here!

Software Defined Networking has probably had its fair share of hype since last year’s VMworld. While many may feel that SDN is still in a hype cycle, in the last year Nuage Networks has seen beefy SDN deployments at both Fortune 500 Enterprises and Service Providers around the globe.

So, I am intrigued by the topics that Florin Balus, Nuage Networks’ Founder and VP Product Management, recently discussed at a Tech Field Day Extra session at VMworld US 2014. (For more information on these sessions, Joep Piscaer (@jpiscaer) posted a great discussion.) Florin painted a picture of the overall SDN market, trends that have arisen over the past year, and how Nuage Networks addresses leading-edge use cases. Interestingly, Florin discussed and demo’d how Nuage Networks can streamline even the networking needs of applications!

To net out (pun intended!), I’m eager to learn more about how Nuage Networks Software Defined Networking products provide real-world benefits all the way up to the application layer. If you are curious too, take a look at the recently recorded session.

Press PLAY and watch the great dialogue between Florin and the very cool delegates.

Delegate Panel: Enrico SignorettiEric WrightEthan BanksJoep PiscaerRobbert Erents,Roger LundStephen Beaver

Watch the session recording here!

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