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Heads in the Cloud: How These Nuage Networks Interns Rocked Their Summer Internships

Innovation happens when you collaborate with the best, and Nuage Networks is always looking for new talent to draw that innovation out of the lab and into the world.

So it should come as no surprise that Nuage Networks’ interns arrive at the startup’s Silicon Valley office from far-flung corners of the country and bring their A-game for their summer stints, leaving the coffee fetching and paper filing behind. Working at Nuage Networks means contributing to the groundbreaking products that exemplify its dedication to innovating the datacenter.

Just ask Pooja Ostwal.

Hailing originally from Mumbai, she is completing her Master’s in Data Science and Intelligent Systems at the University of Texas, Dallas.

Pooja takes part in different aspects of improving the company offering. From developing scripts for various components of the Virtualized Services Directory (VSD) and debugging critical scripts code, to optimizing the VSD’s open source licensing and compatibility, she gets a hands-on experience that is the envy of the tech world.

Her involvement in the different cogs that make VSD tick lets her interact with different employees and departments, giving her a well-rounded view of the company and product. She’s learned new skills from each project and person, like shell scripting and improving her Python.

“Everyone on my team is very communicative which is helpful to my learning,” she says. “We have a lot of stand-up meetings, and my manager, Evan McGinnis, gives me a lot of feedback, so I’m always learning and moving forward with my projects.”

Nithin Jose, also a native Indian from the state of Kerala, reports similarly. He’s worked previously at Cisco and British Telecom on Software Defined Networking (SDN), and is now completing his Master’s in Electrical and Computer Engineering at Pittsburgh’s Carnegie Mellon University. Looking to expand his SDN knowledge and skills, he set his eyes on Silicon Valley for a summer internship that would give him applied experience in the field.

Working at this Valley startup has granted him the latitude to work freely on his projects. His first was to build an integrated and automated workflow between a Github/Jenkins-test infrastructure. Now he’s working on a PoC of a test harness for VSD via java based annotation parsers.

“I like working directly on the product,” he says. “It’s exciting to work on something innovative like SDN, and I know that what I do creates direct value.”

But it isn’t all work and no play for these two interns. Pooja and Nithin are taking advantage of Northern California’s attractions: she’s gone white river rafting in Auburn and plans to do a skydiving stint soon, and Nithin has unleashed his traveler’s spirit visiting the Bay Area’s most memorable tourist locations, from San Francisco to Santa Cruz.

As for the Silicon Valley native writing this article, spending the summer in the Bay Area away from New York City’s Yeshiva University where I am pursuing a Bachelor’s in Psychology has hardly proven a break from hectic workloads.

As a marketing intern, I work closely with the software engineers responsible for creating Nuage Networks’ new products to help develop the marketing strategy. I’ve been given ample opportunities to create messaging and materials that Nuage Networks will disseminate among customers and partners explaining what the company’s new offering does, working with my manager Rotem Salomonovitch to perfect the message so it’s fit for circulation.

Working at Nuage Networks has given me an inside look not only into marketing strategy development, but also into how to utilize popular communication platforms. From an active involvement in social media content to writing marketing e-mails, my internship runs the gamut of marketing skills critical for a soon-to-be college graduate out looking for work in the field.

Interning at Nuage Networks has been an experience that none of the interns here will forget, and we all hope for a chance to return once we finish school; because an opportunity to keep pushing Nuage Networks’ innovation out into the world would be a ride on cloud nine.


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