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Security and SD-WAN – What the CSPs are saying

SD-WAN as a technology has become extremely successful, rapidly moving to front of mind for Enterprise WAN refreshes during the past 4 years. The basic premise of SD-WAN has been in delivering lower cost, more programmable connectivity model. What SDN and NFV has been promoting over the past 7-8 years, SD-WAN has been able to percolate into many of the meaningful and tangible benefits enterprises crave including; lower cost connectivity, faster deployments and detailed visibility and analytics.

One other benefit that SD-WAN offers is the flexibility to offer differentiated services on the wide area network platform with one key value-added service being security. Many CSP’s are now offering Security as a Service as an option of their managed SD-WAN offerings.

Heavy Reading (in conjunction with Nuage Networks and 3 other vendors) completed a survey of the leading CSPs around the world asking them about their current and future plans to leverage SD-WAN security services, the results were then presented at a webinar hosted Jim Hodges of Heavy Reading, with a panel of Lindsay Newell Head of Marketing at Nuage Networks and other executives from Amdocs, Fortinet and Lavelle Networks.

A replay of this webinar can be found here: watch now

The survey report detailed key findings on SD-WAN, Security and Security as a Service (SECaaS) using SD-WAN and the results were not surprising.

Some highlights of the survey were:

  • 70% of respondents believe that it is important that their SD-WAN solution supports security services.
  • SD-WAN security services are experiencing strong growth.
  • Managed security services are now a fundamental component of SD-WAN deployments
  • Most CSPs prefer the security solution for their SD-WAN service to be deployed in their telco cloud.

In addition, there are many survey findings that will help not only he CSP’s to design their security service but also be helpful to the enterprise customers who are going to consume such services.

A managed security service can be a powerful attribute to differentiate the SD-WAN offering for a CSP as they look to differentiate their managed network services, empowered by SD-WAN to their enterprise customers.

Download the whitepaper: Heavy Reading: SD-WAN Security: Implementation, Integration & Impacts.


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