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Smarter Networks: Nuage Networks & SD-WAN (Part I)

This is a two-part post – Part 1 (this post) introduces the challenges of traditional WAN’s and Part 2 describes Nuage Networks SD-WAN solution.

It’s a 24/7 connected world and traffic diversity is putting the Wide Area Network (WAN) edge to the test. Today’s applications should not be hindered by underlying network issues or a poorly designed WAN. The business requires designers to find a better way to manage the WAN by adding intelligence with improved flow management, visibility, and control. The WAN’s role has changed, from providing basic inter-site connectivity to adapting via technology to meet the demands of the business applications. It must proactively manage flows over all available paths, regardless of transport type. Today’s networks should be driven by business requirements and the business should dictate the directions of flows, not the limitations of a routing protocol.

The building blocks of the WAN have remained stagnant while the application environment has dynamically shifted, sure speeds and feeds have increased but the same architectural choices that were best practice 10 or 15 years ago are still being applied and this is hindering rapid business evolution. How will the traditional WAN edge keep up with new application requirements?

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