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The Data Center Network Is Not In The Way Anymore!

IT has been undergoing a massive shift to the cloud for a few years now, driven by enterprise motivations to consolidate, as well as to use compute resources more optimally and efficiently. While compute virtualization has driven this transformation, the network inside the data center has fallen woefully behind. The data center network is in the way!

Or, put another way, imagine going to an ATM, punching in your information for a withdrawal, and receiving the message that your cash will be ready in two weeks. That’s the state of network in the datacenter today. The network infrastructure, connecting servers and storage across datacenters runs decades old VLAN and spanning tree protocols rendering it highly inflexible. With burdensome management tools not designed for large-scale automation, just delivering basic connectivity can take days or weeks of provisioning.

In the cloud era, application developers require rapid instantiation of applications and hence rapid network service deployment. These applications need to rely on a network that can quickly adapt to service requests. More importantly, application developers should not be burdened with network details or protocols, but rather have the proper abstractions in place that will allow them to concentrate on their core tasks. Today’s DC network is simply not able to deliver on this promise of cloud computing.

This is the problem we aimed to solve when we first started working on the Nuage Networks’ software platform at the beginning of 2012.  We brought together a superb team with IP and IT expertise.  I am incredibly proud of what this team has accomplished in last fourteen months.  The feedback from the customers, the field trials, all validate the solution in a big way:  The most comprehensive SDN solution for the cloud era.  A solution that is independent of the choice of orchestration platform and hypervisor, a solution that is independent of the choice of compute platform and best of all a solution that is independent of the data center network infrastructure.

We set out to deliver an automatic, instantaneous and boundary-less network that would allow the true promise of cloud computing to be realized: instantaneous network connectivity for all VMs for all tenants.  Every time, anytime, any cloud.  Today I am proud to announce Nuage Networks’ Virtualized Services Platform (VSP) to deliver on that promise.  Now!

Welcome to Nuage Networks!

We choreograph the network to make effortless connections.



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